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If you are likely to be concerned with all aspects of forest reproductive material - for instance, when preparing a project to establish a national seed centre - you may find the following checklist of questions helpful. It is not an exhaustive list - but enough to get you thinking! The order of questions follows the structure of the publication, and you can click on linked questions to go to the relevant sections or topics where you should start finding answers (if there are no links, then the click on the nearest, previous link indicated). You can print out the list as an aide memoire in your work. Your answers should be YES for SUCCESS!


Are you clear about the context of your work with reproductive material?


Do you know what products or services the trees or forests should provide?


Are you certain which species and sources are the best ones to use?


Do you know what type of material you need (seeds, cuttings, etc.)?


Have you decided if you will organise local collection, or buy from a supplier?


If local, have field collections been planned and organised adequately?


If you buy from a supplier, do you know which will provide good quality seed?


Do you know what documents you will need for buying or selling?


Has adequate timing been given to collecting or ordering?


Are the quantities of seed (or other material) correct and sufficient?


Is the budget for procurement OK - can it be modified if necessary?


Will there be sufficient facilities for handling (e.g. processing) seed?


Has adequate provision been made for analysing the quality of material?


Are facilities for storing the material adequate and reliable?


Are plans for distributing seed to users adequate?


Will seed etc. be effectively propagated in nurseries?


Will new plants be effectively protected in the field?


If natural regeneration is involved, is the silviculture well understood?


Will future sources of material be adequately conserved?


Are there plans to improve the quality and quantity of material?


Will future quantities of seed or other material be adequate?


Have legislation and certification been taken into account?


Are you aware of current problems that may concern your work?


Has an appropriate material transfer agreement been prepared?


Are you aware of the potential costs of using poor material?


Have you got a good team in place?


Do you have a good leader or manager?


Has participation by all stakeholders in designing the project been adequate?


Do local communities have a clear and appropriate role in activities?


Will the benefits provided by the project be properly shared among stakeholders?


Do you know where to go to get training for project staff etc.?


Do you know which institutions can help you in your work?


Do you know which are the best publications available?


Do you understand all the jargon that we are using?


Do you know where to find more help preparing and implementing your work?


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