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There are various library services that can be searched for particular titles. We provide here some good ones to get you going. Make sure you know how to use their search engines properly.

7.4.1 METLA Virtual Forest Library

To search the library for more information, visit the webpublication:

See also below:

METLA Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding

7.4.2 Oxford Forest Information Service

This world-class service comes under the Plant Sciences Library of the University of Oxford, and forms part of the Oxford University Library Services. It is run in association with the Oxford Forestry Institute and CAB International. The service provides a very wide range of links to further information services and sources. A must-visit publication for anyone searching for forestry information.

Contact: Roger Mills, Information Service Manager Librarian

Plant Sciences Library
Oxford University Library Services
South Parks Road
Tel:+44 1865 275082
Fax:+44 1865 275095

For further information, visit the webpublication:

Internet for Agri. food and forestry


7.4.3 FAO Library Catalogue on-line

To search the library, which includes all documents in the FAO forestry library, visit the webpublication

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