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4. Conclusion

The most basic and necessary work for industrial utilization of insect resources such as silkworm is an insurance of resources through import and collection of various gene resources. Even in Japan, where the development of utilization technology of insect function is activated, new science such as "insect function utilization science" is born. Silkworm occupies 65% of animal gene resources that conserved by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. And there are about 1000 strains which are conserved in Japan Bioresources Research Center, National Genetics Research Center, and each University(Lee, 1998). In addition, through continuous research of these resources, the results such as creation and utilization of mutant races and others, play an important roles in the successful development of modern bioscience and industrialization. The insurance, safe conservation, systematic management, and construction of database are also important subject for successful development and biological industrialization of insect function utilization technology of silkworm.

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