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FAO wishes to thank the ministries, companies and institutions that have implemented the projects whose Case Studies are published in this document:

- for the Nazinon Forest in Burkina Faso: the Ministry of the Environment and Water, and the UNDP/FAO/BKF/85/011 Project;

- for the Badénou Forest in Côte d’Ivoire: SODEFOR and IDEFOR;

- for the Morondava Forest in Madagascar: FOFIFA and the Programme Menabe d’Intercoopération (Switzerland);

- for the Tientiergou Forest in Niger: the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, and SEED/CIRAD-Forêt Energie Domestique, Projet II;

- for East Africa: KEFRI (Nairobi)

- for India: Institute Français de Pondichéry;

- for Brazil: IBAMA;

- for the Paraguay chacos: M.W. Gerber.

FAO also thanks SIDA and the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry of the University of Agronomic Sciences, Umeå, Sweden, for their financial and technical support; CIRAD-Forêt, which took on the responsibility for bringing together and editing this study with the support of CIRAD-EMVT. Lastly, FAO wishes to thank the editorial team: Messrs M. Bellefontaine; A. Gaston and Y. Petrucci who were given technical support by Ms M. Pain-Orcet, Messrs M. Arbonnier, D. Babin, J.C. Bergonzini, A. Bertrand, F. Besse, P. Deleporte, P. Detienne, Y. Dommergues, N. Fauvet, H. Guerin, D. Louppe, H.F. Maître, P. Montagne, R. Nasi, Y. Nouvellet, R. Peltier and B. Toutain.

Regarding the English version, FAO wishes to thank Ms Kate Carlyle and Mr Salah Rouchiche who provided editorial comments and contributed with numerous additional and useful improvements.

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