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Vanuatu Maritime College


P.O. Box 201, Luganville, Santo


(678) 36547


(678) 36154


Mail to:

P.O. Box 201, Luganville, Santo

Head of Institution:

Captain K.J. Barnett, Chief Executive Officer

Type of organization:

Maritime Training Institute

Responsible Authority:

Board of Directors

Number of Staff:


Working Languages:

English and Bislama

Major Fields of Interest:

The Vanuatu Maritime College was established at the beginning of 1999 to provide competency-based maritime training and assessment programmes in the following areas:


Near-coastal waters: Seafarers at all levels from pre-sea ratings to Master 500GT and Engineer 75Kw Certificates


Rural fishing skills; Pre-sea ratings to Qualified Fishing Deckhand aboard foreign fishing vessels; Specialist fishing and seafood handling programmes

International Shipping:

Pre-sea programmes for deck, engine, general-purpose and catering


Petty Officer training and Officer Cadet programmes are planned

All training meets standards laid down in relevant international conventions and the requirements of state legislation and industry.

Training Programmes:

Training programmes for seafarers of all levels aboard vessels operating in near-coastal vessels are currently offered on a regular basis.

Programmes for the fishing sector and vessels operating internationally will commence in 2000.

Further information is available from the College. Enquiries from students outside Vanuatu are welcome. Residential accommodation may be available subject to demand.

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