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Population and Development Dynamics in Rural Communities
Head of household questionnaire
Identification of the household
District:                                                                                                         District ID number    
Tana:                                                                                                             Tana ID number    
Union:                                                                                                          Union ID number    
Village:                                                                                                         Village ID number    
Country:                                                                                                      Household ID number    
 Interviewer visits 
First visit (1)   Second visit (2)   Third visit (3)   
Name interviewer:   Name interviewer:   Name interviewer:   
Day   Day   Day   
Month   Month   Month   
Result*   Result   Result*   
* Codes for interview result:Total number of visits   
1. Completed
2. Household present, but no eligible respondent at home
3. Household absent
4. Questionnaire incomplete
5. Refused
6. Dwelling not found
7. Dwelling vacant/address not a dwelling/destroyed
8. Other
Summary data of household (Module A):
Person number of respondent of household questionnaire   
Number of persons in household    
Count of nuclear families in household (See A6)   
interviewer and coders:
in case explicit coding instructions for “answer refused”, “don't know” or “not-stated” in the questionnaire are lacking, you must use the following coding convention:

a. Answer refused=7, 97, 997, etc.
b. Does not know answer= 8,98 or 998, etc,
c. Answer not stated=9, 99 or 999, etc.
Count of ELIGIBLE MALES (15–64) in household (Count A13a)   
Count of ELIGIBLE FEMALES (15–49) in household (Count A13b)   
 Name: Day:         Month:     Year:
Field edited by:                                                                     on:          /             /           
Office edited by:                                                                     on:          /             /           
Computer data-entry by:                                                                     on:          /             /           

 Module A: Household roster ((acting) head of household)
The questions A1–A13 must be completed for all members of the household that are now present in the household, including:
Pers. num.A1A2A3A4A5
 Could you give me the NAMES of all persons who usually live in this household. Start with the name of the head of the household What is the relationship (*) of (NAME) to the head of the householdIs (NAME male or female? Does (NAME) usually live here in the household? Did (NAME) sleep here last night?

Currently absent household members (e.g. children!) who went to live in an institution for an expected stay not more than one year;      
   1 = Male 1 = Yes 1 = Yes
 NAMES     2 = Female2 = No2 = No
01                           01          
2Maids and servants who usually eat, live and sleep here; Currently absent household members who are temporarily working away from the home, but who are expected to return within 6 months               
but exclude:               
1Temporary visitors               
Enter ‘X’ In box to indicate that you have checked the above.

 Module A: Household roster ((acting) head of household)
    Only for persons of age 6–64
Pers. NumA6A7A8A9A10
Interviewer:What is the age of (NAME)?What is the date of birth of (NAME)?Has (NAME) ever attended school?What is the highest level of school attended (*) by (NAME)?
 If (Name) belongs to a nuclear family,  register here the FAMILY RANK NUMBER(*) e.g. 1, 2,..etc..
What is the total number of years of schooling successfully completed?
enter ‘95’ if person is 95 or older
1 = Yes
2 = No 
 A10a levelA10b
 YearMonthGo to A11
01         19               
03         19               
04         19               
05         19               
06         19               
07         19               
08         19               
09         19               
10         19               
11         19               
12         19               
13         19               
14         19               
15         19               

Module A: Household roster ((acting) head of household)
Pers. No.Only for persons of age 6 – 64  
What kind of work (*) does (NAME) do most of the time?What is the current marital status of (NAME)?Place a circle around the person numbers of household members that are eligible for a personal interview
  1. Never marriedA13a
2. MarriedIf married and age 15 or older, but below age 65.
(married, 15–64)
If married and age 15 or older, but below age 50
(married, 15–49)
3. Widowed
4. Divorced
5. Separated
01       0101
02       0202
03       0303
04       0404
05       0505
06       0606
07       0707
08       0808
09       0909
10       1010
11       1111
12       1212
13       1313
14       1414
15       1515
Count number of ELIGIBLE males and females and enter the counts on coverpage               Males                   Females
End of module A, go to module B

(*) A2 codes: Relationship of (Names) to Head of Household.
1. Head of household (HOH)
2. Wife or Husband
3. Child (own, foster, adopted, step)
4. Grand-child
5. Daughter/Son in-law
6. Own sister/brother
7. Sister-in-law or Brother-in-law
8. Parent
9. Parent-in-law
10. Other relative
11. Other non-relative

(*) A6 code: Interviewer,
Persons belonging to the same nuclear family have the same Family Rank Number. E.g. a son who is married and lives with his nuclear family in the household of his father gets a different rank number than his father.

(*) codes for A10 : levels of schooling
1. Elementary/Primary school level
2. Secondary school level
3. Vocational or Technical school level
4. College or University level

Codes for A11:
1. Processing/Marketing of fish
2. Agriculture
3. Vegetable gardening/horticulture
4. Cattle raising/herding
5. Retail business/small scale family enterprise
6. Wage and salaried employment
7. Capture/culture of aquatic organisms and related activities.
8. Domestic work in combination with any activity listed under 1–7.
9. Domestic work only
10 Other

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