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1. The Committee on Fisheries held its Twenty-fourth Session in Rome from 26 February to 2 March 2001.

2. The Session was attended by 105 Members of the Committee, by observers from four other FAO Member Nations, the Holy See, and one non-Member Nation of FAO, by representatives from seven specialized agencies of the United Nations and by observers from 45 intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations. A list of delegates and observers is attached at Appendix B.

3. In the absence of Mr Mike Akyeampong (Ghana), the outgoing Chairperson of the Committee and Mr Minoru Morimoto (Japan), First Vice-Chairperson, the Session was called to order by the Secretary of the Committee on Fisheries. The delegation of Ghana read a letter on behalf of Mr Akyeampong, expressing his regret at being unable to attend the Session and conveying his best wishes for the successful conclusion of the Committee's work.

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