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The Terms of Reference of the Sub-Committee on Aquaculture, based on the recommendations of the Expert Consultation, would be as follows:

"The Sub-Committee shall provide a forum for consultation and discussion on aquaculture and advise COFI on technical and policy matters related to aquaculture and on the work to be performed by the Organization in the subject matter field of aquaculture. In particular the Sub-Committee shall:

(a) identify and discuss major issues and trends in global aquaculture development;

(b) determine those issues and trends of international importance requiring action to increase the sustainable contribution of aquaculture to food security, economic development and poverty alleviation;

(c) recommend international action to address aquaculture development needs and, in this regard:

(i) to advise on mechanisms to prepare, facilitate and implement action programmes identified, as well as on the expected contribution of partners;

(ii) to advise on the liaison with other relevant groups and organizations with a view to promoting harmonization and endorsing policies and actions, as appropriate;

(iii) to advise on the strengthening of international collaboration to assist developing countries in the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

(d) advise on the preparation of technical reviews and of issues and trends of international significance;

(e) address any specific matters relating to aquaculture referred to it by its Members, the Committee on Fisheries or the Director-General of FAO".

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