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Terrestrial Carbon Observation

The Frascati report on in situ carbon data and information

Data on the spatial and temporal distribution of carbon sources and sinks in the terrestrial biosphere are needed by both the scientific and the policy communities working on climate change issues. To gather the necessary data the Terrestrial Carbon Observation (TCO) initiative was launched in 1999 by the Integrated Global Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P). It is a component of the Integrated Global Carbon Observations (IGCO) theme which also includes the ocean and atmosphere.

The concept behind TCO is to focus on assembling and generating terrestrial carbon data using in situ (ground based) and satellite data in combination with a number of climate models in order to obtain a more accurate understanding of global stocks and fluxes. The in situ component is complex and much less organized at the global level than the satellite component. To accelerate the preparations for TCO implementation, GTOS with the International Geosphere - Biosphere Programme (IGBP) held a workshop specifically addressing in situ data issues. This report summarizes the workshop objectives and the discussions, conclusions and recommendations made by the international carbon experts who attended the meeting.

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