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This study was written in 2000 and its author is particularly grateful to Jacques du Guerny, formerly HIV/AIDS Focal Point of FAO, and Werasit Sittitrai of UNAIDS for their technical support and critical comments on an early draft.

Special thanks are due to the staff of the Ministries of Agriculture (MoAs) of Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia who took the time to respond to a questionnaire on the impact of HIV/AIDS on MoAs and their work, and to the FAO representatives in these countries for their efforts in eliciting responses to the questionnaire. Valuable inputs received from of Michel Carael and Anita Alban of UNAIDS, Emilia Timpo of FAO, Cynthia Hewitt of UNRISD, and Robin Jackson of WFP are also gratefully acknowledged.

Professor Desmond Cohen, former Director of UNDP's HIV and Development Programme, was very helpful in giving an overview of UNDP's HIV/AIDS mainstreaming initiatives, while Sam Ibanda, Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP in Uganda, sent valuable supporting documents. Damber Gurung, a World Bank consultant, shared relevant material generated by the Bank's Rural HIV Initiative. Jolly Kamwanga gave her permission to use the preliminary findings of her study on "Disease, HIV/AIDS and Capacity of the Agriculture Public Sector in Zambia". Guenter Hemrich, a food security and HIV/AIDS expert, commented extensively on the conceptual framework of this paper and on several early drafts. Donatella Ruggiero of FAO gave invaluable logistical support. From UNAIDS, Siv Lillestöl, Marie-Odile Emond, Yuri Kobyshcha, Clement Chan Kam, Aurorita Mendoza and Pierre Somse gave helpful comments. The contributions of these individuals and of other FAO and UNAIDS staff are gratefully acknowledged.

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