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This report is the result of a joint effort of the 71 participants of the workshop held in Rome, Italy in December 2001. It summarizes the impacts of HIV/AIDS on agriculture, the implications of these impacts and the agricultural sector responses which emerged from the case studies, presentations and working group discussions.

Special thanks must be extended to the wide range of participants who brought their specific country experiences, the guest speakers who helped clarify and extend the debate, the non-governmental organizations and those representing people living with HIV/AIDS who enriched the meeting with the everyday realities of the epidemic and to UNAIDS for providing generous financial support.

Natasha Mesko and Maren Lieberum wrote this report, with contributions from Marcela Villarreal, Carol Djeddah, Libor Stloukal, Tim France, Shannon Stokes and Daphne Topouzis. Gerald Maxwell of the Communication and Design Group of the FAO assisted with the cover and graphics and Daniela Scicchigno provided the layout design.

FAO/A. Conti

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