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This publication provides a general review on Pacific Island fisheries and country fishery profiles of the Pacific Island States to serve as a basic reference for further development of fisheries in this subregion. The review was conducted and compiled by R. D. Gillett under contract by APFIC.

GILLETT, R. D., 2002. Pacific island fisheries: regional and country information. Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand. RAP Publication 2002/13, 168pp.


Current status of fisheries in South Pacific at both national and regional level were reviewed. The publication contains information on fisheries in each Island States in the Pacific that would serve as basis for future development.


Members of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
FAO Fisheries Department
FAO Subregional Office for the Pacific Islands
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agencies
Directors of Fisheries in the Pacific States

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