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Works performed/achieved (APHCA 02/5)

(during October 2001 - August 2002)

1 Organized meetings, training courses, and workshops:

1.1 Co-organized the FAO-APHCA/OIE regional workshop on BSE diagnosis and surveillance, in Bangkok, Thailand, during 19-22 November 2001. 250 participants/audiences attended the special presentation on review of BSE situation, on 19 November 2001. 20 participants from 8 selected Asian countries attended the laboratory training on BSE diagnosis, during 20-22 November 2001.

1.2 Processed a letter of agreement (LoA) with FAO RAP. An allotment of US$ 20 000 was made available for APHCA to organize the 2nd OIE/FAO-APHCA regional workshop on WTO’s SPS agreement at the faculty of veterinary medicine, Chiang Mai university, Thailand, in July 2002.

This OIE/FAO-APHCA workshop was organized during 8-12 July 2002 [in co-operation with FU-Berlin, Chiang Mai university, Department of Livestock Development (DLD) of Thailand and the Japan Livestock Technology Association (JLTA)]. 30 participants from 13 countries in Asia-Pacific region participated in this workshop.

1.3 Co-organized the “regional SoW-AnGR training of trainers workshop for Asia” during 26 November - 1 December 2001, in Bangkok, Thailand, with the participation of 40 country representatives.

1.4 Co-organized the ILRI/SIDA/SLU/FAO workshop on “capacity building for sustainable use of animal genetic resources in developing countries - South-east Asian planning workshop” in February 2002, in Bangkok, Thailand. Participants from APHCA countries were invited via communications through the APHCA secretariat.

1.5 Co-organized Global Environmental Facility (GEF) AWI workshop to prepare a GEF-regional project development framework (PDF-B) for funding “East Asia livestock waste management project”, in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2002. This document has been submitted to the world bank for consideration.

1.6 Co-organized, with ILRI and JLTA, the workshop on research and development strategies for the livestock sector in South-east Asia through national and international partnerships, in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2002.

1.7 Organized the interim APHCA executive committee meeting, in Bangkok, Thailand, during 27-28 April 2002.

1.8 Cooperated with AGAP (feed resources group) and organized “FAO expert consultation/workshop on protein sources for animal feed industries, in Bangkok, Thailand, during 29 April - 3 May 2002.

1.9 Organized the 61th executive committee meeting and the 26th session of APHCA together with the regional workshop on feed safety, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during 24-26 August 2002.

2 Initiated/assisted in and follow-up on FAO TCP projects:

2.1 The regional TCP project on meat inspection training (TCP/RAS/0169(T) is operational and two training courses were successfully organized in Malaysia. participants were invited from 15 countries in Asia-Pacific region.

2.2 The regional TCP project - TCP/CPR/0170(A) - “strengthening cross border disease surveillance and coordination” within the South-east Asian Sub-region is on-going. Workshops on epidemiology and disease diagnosis will be organized under this TCP project.

2.3 TCP proposal on buffalo development in selected Asian countries, having APHCA as its focal point, was prepared and forwarded to Rome for comments.

2.4 Co-operate with AGAH/EMPRES in the on-going TCP project on rinderpest control and eradication in Pakistan - TCP/PAK/8923.

2.5 The regional TCP project on meat products diversification operational in connection with the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) project and GTZ-Center for International Migration (CIM) project (to be based in Manila, Philippines).

3 Strengthen the APHCA information unit:

3.1 Valuable FAO and APHCA publications/papers in the APHCA are kept in electronic library. These electronic documents were recorded on CDs and diskettes and are made available upon request.

3.2 Develop and maintain the APHCA mail server ( to serve APHCA delegates/national focal points (NFPs) and external subscribers in order to promote electronic communications amongst the APHCA members and disseminate technical and useful information to all interested parties, in a timely manner. This server is fully moderated by an APHCA network manager stationed at the APHCA secretariat, attached to the FAO regional office in Bangkok.

3.3 Publish and distribute the electronic version of ASIAN LIVESTOCK both on the APHCA website and via e-mail.

3.4 Place the APHCA website on a permanent web hosting server (URL address: (since September 2000.)

3.5 Provide and distribute technical information, papers, and publications of FAO, APHCA and the others that are available within the APHCA information unit upon request, free of charge.

3.6 Maintain an ASCII text only website and e-mail for APHCA delegates/national focal points.

4 Promote membership of APHCA

4.1 Bhutan became the 15th member country of APHCA in 2000.

4.2 China recently indicates its interest to join in APHCA. An official letter from China was received at the APHCA secretariat (copies were circulated to all delegates at the 26th APHCA session). (A package introducing ways and means to join APHCA was provided to the Chinese authority.)

4.3 Afghanistan and East Timor also made some general inquiries about joining FAO and other commissions of FAO including APHCA.

5 Cooperated activities with international organizations and donor agencies:

5.1 Contacted AGAP (feed resources group) in HQs and received fund to help sponsor APHCA delegates and observers to attend the 26th APHCA session and the attached workshop on feed safety.

5.2 Keep good contact with the ACIAR, AusAID, JICA, JLTA and OIE-Tokyo office. Collaboration on various AnGR issues with ILRI. Possibilities to organized co-operated activities with other international organizations/institutions have been explored.

6 Other works to be continued and planned for September 2001 - Year 2002

6.1 In line with the recommendation made at the FMD workshop in Nepal and in response to the request made by the delegate of India during the 56th executive committee meeting in Sri Lanka in February 1999 to have a strategic paper/plan on regional FMD control and eradication in the South Asian region, a FMD concept paper “SA-FMD” was presented at the 24th APHCA session in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in November 2000. Follow-up will be made at the 25th APHCA session.

6.2 The TCP project for Sri Lanka - TCP/SL/0169 - “improved services to the livestock sector” was recently approved and will be operational in due time.

6.3 The TCP project - TCP/RAS/0071: “national demonstrations on the application of the lactoperoxidase system of milk preservation” for selected APHCA member countries in South and South-east Asia is in its pipe-line and is with the FAO HQs. awaiting for approval.

6.4 The country TCP project TCP/BHU/0166 (A) - “assistance with improving food security and rural Incomes by increasing pig production” for Bhutan was recently approved.

6.5 The joint project under approval on “meat commodity diversification and upgrading of meat processing technologies in Asia and Pacific” (joint funding between the governments of the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and CFC, GTZ-CIM and FAO TCP) is expected to be approved and operational in due time.

6.6 Finalization of TCP on animal identification and tracabiliity.

6.7 Assist in preparing the first report on the state of the world’s animal genetic resources country report.

6.8 Follow-up on the HOPE-A activities.

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