Report of the Twenty-Second Session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission


17 to 21 September 2001
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Place and date of sessions of the Asia and Pacific plant protection commission

1. Opening of the session and organizational matters

1.1 Attendance
1.2 Introductory remarks by Dam Quoc Tru, Vice-chairperson of the organizing committee
1.3 Welcome address by Mai Quoc Binh, Vice-chairperson of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City
1.4 Opening remarks by Farid Bahar, Chairperson of the APPPC
1.5 Opening statement by F. Guerrieri, FAO Representative in Viet Nam
1.6 Welcome address by N. A. van der Graaff, Chief,Plant Protection Service, FAO, Rome
1.7 Inaugural address by His Excellency Ngo The Dan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

2. Election of the Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons of the twenty-second session, the drafting committee and the adoption of the provisional agenda and timetable

2.1 Election of the Chairperson and the Vice-chairpersons of the twenty-second session
2.2 Election of the drafting committee
2.3 Adoption of the provisional agenda and timetable

3. Secretariat report on action taken on recommendations of the twenty-first session of the commission (Agenda item 2)

4. Country, regional and international organization reports (Agenda item No. 3)

4.1 Country reports

4.1.1 Australia
4.1.2 Bangladesh
4.1.3 Cambodia
4.1.4 China
4.1.5 DPR Korea
4.1.6 Indonesia
4.1.7 Korea, Republic of
4.1.8 Laos
4.1.9 Malaysia
4.1.10 Myanmar
4.1.11 Nepal
4.1.12 New Zealand
4.1.13 Pakistan
4.1.14 Papua New Guinea
4.1.15 Sri Lanka
4.1.16 Thailand
4.1.17 Tonga
4.1.18 Viet Nam

4.2 Observers

4.2.1 Japan
4.2.2 The Pacific Plant Protection Organization (PPPO)

5. Progress and development of integrated pest management (IPM) in the region (Agenda item 5)

6. Progress in the implementation of the provisions of the International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides, and the Convention of Prior Informed Consent (PIC) (Agenda item 6)

7. Overview of the International Plant Protection Convention’s activities (Agenda item 7)

8. Progress in the implementation of plant quarantine in the Asia and Pacific region (Agenda item 8)

9. Consideration of the eleventh and twelfth technical consultations among regional plant protection organizations (RPPOs) (Agenda item 9)

10. Implementation of the revision of the Plant Protection Agreement for the Asia and Pacific region

10.1 Regional phytosanitary standard setting

10.1.1 The commission reviewed the report of the working group and the following amendments were made to the guidelines for the standard setting procedures
10.1.2 The commission commented on the recommendations to the commission regarding the priorities of standards as follows
10.1.3 The members of the APPPC agreed to do the following;
10.1.4 Establishment of the Standards Committee
10.1.5 The following countries have agreed to assist Prof Shen in drafting the specifications for the development of the two standards agreed to by the Commission:

10.2 Status of the regional TCP project on SALB

11. The APPPC programme of work for 2002 to 2003(Agenda item 10)

11.1 Reports on the meetings of the APPPC Standing Committees

11.1.1 Meeting of the APPPC Standing Committee on integrated pest management (IPM)
11.1.2 Meeting of the APPPC Standing Committee on Plant Quarantine
11.1.3 Meeting of the APPPC Standing Committee on pesticides

11.2 Discussion and identification of the programme of work for 2002 to 2003 and its financial resources

12. Date and venue of the Twenty-third session of the APPPC (Agenda item 11)

13. Other business (Agenda item 12)

14. Adoption of the report (Agenda item 13)

15. Closing of the session (Agenda item 14)

Annex I: List of Participants

Annex II: FAO Opening Address

Annex III: Inaugural Remarks

Annex IV: APPPC Regional standard setting procedural guidelines