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Prospects and Guidelines


This final part examines the future actions to be undertaken. It attempts to identify their spirit and the approach by proposing operational guidelines, specifying policies by presenting a range of major options for a new programme of research.

It is always hazardous to propose options and operational guidelines, particularly because the character of such an undertaking is often general, which makes it inoperative. However, it is interesting to attempt it because it makes it necessary to rank and define priorities. The reader must therefore make an effort to flesh out Chapter IX on the basis of his/her own experience. It will be noted that failure is often due to a poor control over organization logistics and monitoring capabilities.

After the balance, modest as it is, that has been drawn up in Part Two, Chapter X is a good indicator of our present state of knowledge because it tries to spell out in concrete and technical terms the way we view sustainable management. These ideas are of course still to be completed.

Lastly, Chapter XI proposes a number of guidelines for research and vocational training. The stress placed on a regional approach which will make it possible to regroup resources and optimize the planning of research, and on the effort with regard to transfer, should be kept in mind.

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