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Part Four: Case Studies

Case Study 1: The Nazinon Reserved Forest (Burkina Faso)
Case Study 2: The Badénou Reserved Forest (Côte d’Ivoire)
Case Study 3: Morondava Forest (West Coast of Madagascar)
Case Study 4: Niger’s Forest Management Experience

In this fourth part, four case studies are presented and examined in detail. The fifth point very briefly deals with ongoing or completed projects, with which we have become acquainted during the course of this study.

1. The Nazinon classified forest (Burkina Faso)

2. The Badénou classified forest (Côte d’Ivoire)

3. The Morondava Forest (West Coast of Madagascar)

4. Niger’s experience with forestry management

5. India, Brazil and other dry tropical forest management projects

The first three case studies deal with recent management projects, which are of a fairly traditional form, but designed in a more ‘contemporary’ manner, with some degree of prior concerted consultation with the people.

The fourth case study is original in the sense that it is based on a very different policy which, from the very beginning, includes a domestic energy strategy, master plans, differential taxation depending upon the origin of the fuelwood and its distance from towns, a breakdown of taxation between villagers and the government, and above all the development of rural markets, all of which is linked to a supple and less technically-oriented approach.

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