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The author is grateful to those who contributed to the preparation of this study. The author hereby acknowledges the important contributions of the authors of the individual appendixes carried out at a national level. Special thanks are due to Ms Marion Clucas for editing the study and for her useful comments, to the FAO colleagues in the Fishery Information, Data and Statistics Service (FIDI) who kindly provided the latest available data, to Ms Joanne Antonelli, Administrative Clerk of the FAO Fishery Industries Division. Particular thanks are due to Ms Helga Josupeit, Fishery Industry Officer of the FAO Fish Utilization and Marketing Service (FIIU) who coordinated the project of the study.

The author also wishes to express her gratitude to the Japanese Government for the economical support provided in the pursuance of the aforementioned activities.

Front cover photographs have been kindly provided by Mr Hooi Kok Kuang.

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