Bangkok 2000 Conference on

Aquaculture in the Third Millennium

The first major international Conference on Aquaculture organized by FAO was held in Kyoto, Japan in 1976. The Conference adopted the Kyoto Declaration on Aquaculture. In February 2000, about 540 participants from 69 countries and more than 200 government and non-governmental organizations participated in the Conference on Aquaculture in the Third Millennium in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference was organized by the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) and FAO and hosted by the Government of Thailand. Additional support was provided by the European Union, Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID), Canadian International Development Agency, the Danish Centre for Environment and Development (DANCED), the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Australia (AFFA), the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the World Bank-Netherlands Partnership.

Throughout 1999, NACA and FAO facilitated the preparation of reviews on aquaculture developments in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, countries of the former USSR, the Near East, and Pacific Island nations and held expert meetings to consider major trends in aquaculture development. Fourteen thematic reviews on selected aspects of aquaculture were promoted and eight overviews on key issues were prepared for presentation and discussion at the Conference. All participants to the Conference received extended summaries of all material prepared. Twenty plenary presentations and discussions, and twelve workshop sessions facilitated by expert panels enabled participants to discuss and prioritize major issues and strategic actions for follow-up.

Major themes discussed included policy-making and planning for sustainable aquaculture development (covering food security and poverty alleviation, rural development, stakeholder involvement, incentives, legal and institutional frameworks), technological and R&D priorities (including systems/species, genetics, health management, nutrition/feeding, culture-based fisheries), human resource development, international trade, product quality and safety and marketing, regional/inter-regional cooperation, financing and institutional support.

Against this background, the Conference participants discussed priorities and strategies for the development of aquaculture for the next two decades, in the light of the future economic, social and environmental issues and advances in aquaculture technologies. Based on these deliberations, the participants adopted the Bangkok Declaration and Strategy for Aquaculture Development Beyond 2000. The Conference encouraged countries and interested stakeholders to incorporate in their strategies for aquaculture development the key strategy elements identified during this Conference. The key strategy elements recommended are:


Investing in people through education and training

Investing in research and development

Improving information flow and communication

Improving food security

Improving social sustainability

Improving environmental sustainability

Integrating aquaculture into rural development

Investing in aquaculture development

Applying innovations in aquaculture

Managing aquatic animal health


Improving nutrition in aquaculture

Applying genetics to aquaculture

Applying biotechnology

Improving enhancements and culture-based fisheries

Improving food quality and safety

Promoting market development and trade

Strengthening institutional support

Supporting strong regional and inter-regional co-operation

A major international trade exhibition “Aquaculture and Seafood Fair 2000” was held in conjunction with the Conference, as a showcase for aquaculture products and related technologies, and provided opportunities for producers, manufacturers and service providers to exchange information with other farmers, and with scientists, researchers, technologists and policy-makers participating in the Conference. Full details of the Conference, including the full text of the Bangkok Declaration and Strategy for Aquaculture Development Beyond 2000 will be published in FAN 25.

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