FAO/GIEWS - Foodcrops & Shortages 11/01 - BELARUS (3 November)

BELARUS (3 November)

Grain production is estimated at about 5.2 million tonnes this year compared with 4.8 million tonnes the previous year. This year’s grain production estimates include 0.8 million tonnes of wheat, 1.7 million tonnes of barley and 1.6 million tonnes of rye. The 2001 grain production increase owes mainly to improved yields due to favourable weather conditions.

The cereal import requirement in 2001/02 marketing year is estimated at 706 000 tonnes, which is slightly below last year’s estimates. Cereal imports comprise 550 000 tonnes of wheat, 65 000 tonnes of barley, 40 000 tonnes of maize and 29 000 tonnes of rye. The source of imports are mainly the CIS countries.