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Coppola, S.; Crosetti, D.
Decision support systems for fisheries. The ITAFISH case study.
Studies and Reviews. General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean. No. 72. Rome, FAO. 2001. 50p.


The purpose of the joint ITAFISH project, between the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies and FAO, was to design, develop and test a computerized system or methodology for the organisation, storage and first analysis of the mass existing data available on fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean for decision making. The system is based on a network of institutions and users which exchange data and information using the applications and exchange formats developed by the project. This paper describes the ITAFISH project regarding: the context in which it was conceived and developed, its contents, the input models, the functioning and the ouputs, and how it is managed. A separate manual is also available describing the installation of the system and its more technical specifications. The development model and the system architecture of ITAFISH make it possible for ITAFISH to integrate with other components, thereby constructing a made-to-measure Decision Support System as a national model. The conceptual design also envisages its integration into an eventual regional network where ITAFISH would be the national node or interface which connects with other similar systems in the network.