Plantings are well underway except in the east and north, which have not yet received rains. After the first rains in the south in mid-May, precipitation covered the centre in early June. In late June, rains decreased in the centre, where plantings of coarse grains may have suffered water stress. Dry conditions still prevail in the Agadez and Diffa regions. Plantings and replantings of millet and sorghum are underway. About two thirds of the villages have planted as of late June, which is less than at the same time last year.

Pastures are starting to regenerate. Grasshopper infestations have been reported in Dosso, Maradi, Tillaberry and Diffa departments while grain-eating birds and army worms were reported in Diffa and Dosso respectively. Isolated adults of Desert Locusts are likely to be present in a few places.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)

Page with graphics of the evolution of Cold Cloud Duration average values over various zones of the country and compared to 1989-1995 average values.

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