Planting is continuing northwards. Following the first significant rains in early April in the south-west, precipitation progressed northwards in May and covered almost the entire country during the last dekad. However, rainfall was generally below average in May but improved significantly and was above average during the first dekad of June. Precipitation again decreased in mid June before resuming in the east during the last dekad. Cumulative rainfall as of late June was generally below average in most meteorological stations. In early July, the Government officially declared 14 provinces (out of 45) water-deficient and launched 'Operation Saaga'in which two planes have been used to drop chemicals into the clouds to induce rain.

No pest activity is reported.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)



Page with graphics of the evolution of Cold Cloud Duration average values over various zones of the country and compared to 1989-1995 average values.


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