FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.2 - August 2002 p.56

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Area:2.4 million sq km
Climate:From north to south, arid, semi-arid and tropical wet-dry. Rainy season: May-October
Population:32.81 million (2002 estimate); GNP per caput: US$310 (2000)
Specific characteristics of the country:Low-income food-deficit country; cereal production mainly in eastern and central areas.
Logistics:Roads, railway and river transport inadequate
Major foodcrops:Sorghum, millet, wheat, roots and tubers, oils
Marketing year:November/October; Lean season: September-October
Share of cereals in total calorie intake:51 percent


Planting of the 2002 main season cereal crop is in progress in central and northern growing areas. Early prospects are unfavourable due to below normal rains in May and June which affected planting. More rains are needed in the coming weeks to avoid further reductions in yield potential. In southern Sudan prospects are also unfavourable. The area planted has been reduced by continuous population displacements due to recent upsurge in conflict coupled with late and insufficient rains in parts. However, recent reports indicate that heavy rains and floods have displaced large number of people in West Kordofan and White Nile States. A thorough needs assessment is planned by the UN local team as soon as roads are safe for travel.

Escalation of conflict in parts of southern Sudan is set to exacerbate an already poor food security situation due to continuing civil strife and adverse weather. Large numbers of people have been displaced and hundreds of thousands cut off from humanitarian access. Already an estimated 3 million IDPs, drought-affected and vulnerable people in different parts of the country depend on  food assistance.

An Emergency Operation was jointly approved in April 2002 by FAO and WFP for food assistance for 2.9 million people, worth US$132.8 million for a period of 12 months (1 April 2002 to 31 March 2003).


 WheatRiceCoarse grainsTotal
     Previous five years average production38553 9944 384
     Previous five years average imports96731881 086
2001/02 Domestic Availability24765 1015 354
     2001 Production (rice in paddy terms)247105 1015 358
     2001 Production (rice in milled terms)24765 1015 354
     Possible stock drawdown----
2001/02 Utilization1 397365 1916 624
     Food use1 336353 1734 544
       of which: local purchase requirement--300300
     Non-food use311918950
     Exports or re-exports--200200
     Possible stock build up30-900930
2001/02 Import Requirement1 15030901 270
     Anticipated commercial imports1 10030-1 130
     Food aid needs50-90140
Current Aid Position    
     Food aid pledges29-3160
       of which: delivered18-3149
     Donor-financed purchases--2121
       of which: for local use--2121
                        for export----
Estimated Per Caput Consumption (kg/year)41197139
     2001 Production as % of average:   122
     2001/02 Import requirement as % of average:   117

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