FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.3 - December 2002 p.2

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(You can click on the map to access detailed information on countries)

Mauritania Senegal Guinea Bissau Sierra Leone Liberia Guinea Mali Cote d'Ivoire Ghana Burkina Faso Togo Benin Niger Nigeria Chad Sudan Central African Republic Cameroon Djibouti Eritrea Somalia Kenya Ethiopia Comoros Madagascar Burundi Rwanda Uganda Tanzania Gabon Congo Dem. Rep. of Congo Malawi Angola Zambia Botswana Namibia Zimbabwe Mozambique Seychelles Swaziland Lesotho South Africa  Equatorial Guinea

Map of countries facing exceptional food emergencies


Country Reasons for emergency
Angola Internally displaced persons (IDPs)
Burundi Civil strife, IDPs
Cape Verde Drought
Central Afr. Rep. Civil strife
Congo, Dem. Rep. of Civil strife, IDPs and refugees
Congo, Rep. of Civil strife, IDPs
Côte d'Ivoire Civil strife, IDPs
Eritrea Drought, IDPs, returnees
Ethiopia Drought, IDPs
Guinea IDPs and refugees
Kenya Drought in parts
Lesotho Adverse weather
Liberia Civil strife, IDPs
Madagascar Drought in parts, economic problems
Malawi Adverse weather
Mauritania Drought, irrigation water shortages
Mozambique Drought in parts
Sierra Leone Civil strife, IDPs
Somalia Civil strife, drought in parts
Sudan Civil strife in the south and east, drought in parts
Swaziland Drought in parts
Tanzania Poor rains in parts, refugees
Uganda Civil strife, IDPs, drought in parts
Zambia Drought in parts
Zimbabwe Drought, economic problems

Since conditions can change rapidly, and published information may not always represent the most up-to-date basis for action, enquiries or corrections should be directed to Henri Josserand, Chief, Global Information and Early Warning Service (ESCG), FAO, Rome (Fax: 39-06-5705-4495, E-mail: GIEWS1@FAO.ORG).

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