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Appendixes (continue)

Appendix 8


(1) General This Appendix represents an up-dated and revised version of the earlier table which appeared as Appendix 4 of the Report of the Third Session of the Panel (1974) and as Table 6 in “Forest Genetic Resources Information” No.4 (1975). The Panel recognised that many of the priority ratings must be considered tentative. In many cases information is inadequate to allow even a tentative rating to be made; these are indicated as - . Nevertheless the present attempt should be useful in relating the priorities of various operations to each other and in indicating the many gaps in knowledge which exist. Periodic revision of the priorities will be needed in the light of the better information which it is hoped will be forthcoming from foresters and tree breeders all over the world.

(2) Species importance The importance rating for a species is expected to remain constant over one to several decades, as compared with priority ratings for individual operations which may change within a few years. Allocation of importance rating is somewhat arbitrary, but approximates to:

1=already planted annually on a large scale in a number of different countries.
2=already planted annually over substantial areas in one or more countries, or considered to have exceptional promise for large-scale planting.
3=not yet planted on a large-scale, but considered to have high potential for investigation with a view to future large-scale planting.

(3) Operational priorities Three priority ratings are used. Though the distinctions between them are somewhat arbitrary, their approximate time-scale equivalents are:

Priority 1 (highest)Action should start (or be continued) in quinquennium 1975–79 at latest.
Priority 2Action should start in quinquennium 1980–84 at latest
Priority 3Action should start in quinquennium 1985–89 at latest

(4) Relationship of operational priorities to species importance Individual species may have higher priority for a particular operation than for their importance rating only in the case of endangered species and only for the conservation operation.

Individual species may have lower priority for some operations than their importance rating. e.g. a species of importance rating 1 may be priority 3 for exploration and collection because these operations have been recently successfully accomplished e.g. Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis in Central America.

Species of importance rating 1 normally merit priority 1 in at least one operation.

(5) (E) signifies endangered with extinction or severe depletion of the gene-pool.

OperationImportance ratingOperational priority ratingRemarks
SpeciesWood ProductionOther PurposesBotanicalGenecologicalCollection for TestingTesting
(Provenance Trials)
In SituCollection for ConservationStorage as Seed etc.Ex Situ in Artificial StandsUse of Bulk SuppliesIndividual Selection and Breeding
1. Western USA and Canada           
Abies amabilis
3 33-------- 
Abies concolor
3 33-3------ 
Abies grandis
1 ---1------ 
Abies lasiocarpa
2 -222------ 
Abies procera
1 ---1------ 
Alnus rubra
3 3333-----3 
Cupressus arizonica
323333----32For shelterbelts and windbreaks
Cupressus macrocarpa
3 3333------For arboricultural purposes
Larix orientalis
3 3333------ 
Picea glauca
2 2222-----2 
Picea sitchensis
1 ---1----11 
Picea engelmannii
2 2222-----2 
Pinus attenuata
3 33-------3 
Pinus contorta
1 33333---11 
Pinus jeffreyi
3 3--------- 
Pinus lambertiana
3 3333------ 
Pinus monticola
2 2222-----2 
Pinus ponderosa
1 1111----11 
Pinus radiata
1 2222111111 
Populus tremuloides
1 33------31 
Populus trichocarpa
1 33-1----31 
Pseudotsuga menziesii
 33331---11For certain provenances
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa
2 2-22-----2 
Tsuga heterophylla
3 3333-----3 
2. Eastern USA and Canada           
Abies balsamea
3 --33----33 
Abies fraseri
3 --33----33 
Carya cordiformis
3 333------- 
Carya ovata
3 333------- 
Juglans cinerea
3 33333----- 
Juglans nigra
2 22223---22 
Larix laricina
2 2--------- 
Liguidambar styraciflua
2 ---2----22 
Liriodendron tulipifera
1 ---1----11 
Picea glauca
1 1111-----1 
Picea mariana
1 1131------ 
Picea rubens
2 22-------- 
Platanus occidentalis
2 2222----22 
Pinus banksiana
1 3111----11 
Pinus clausa
3 33333---33 
Pinus echinata
2 --22----22 
Pinus elliottii (both var.)
1 --112---11 
Pinus palustris
1 --112---11 
Pinus serotina
2 22223---33 
Pinus taeda
1 --112---11 
Pinus virginiana
2 3322----22 
Populus deltoides
1 11-11---11 
Populus tremuloides
1 33-3----31 
Populus trichocarpa
1 33------31 
Prunus serotina
3 33333---33 
Quercus alba
3 33-33---33 
Quercus borealis
3 ---33---33 
Quercus macrocarpa
3 ----3----- 
Robinia pseudoacacia
3 --33------ 
Ulmus americana
3 ----3--333 

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