Modern Applications of Biomass Energy

RWEDP Report No.36, January 1998

This document contains the proceedings of the regional expert consultation on "Modern Applications of Biomass Energy", held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in January 1997. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM).

Biomass has been and will continue to be an important source of energy for a large share of the population in Asian countries, mainly for cooking, but also for industries and services. Biomass is increasingly being used for modern applications, e.g. dendro-power, co-generation and Combined Heat and Power generation (CHP). Depending on resource availability and technical, economic and environmental conditions, these can be attractive alternatives to fossil fuel based applications. The expert consultation provided a forum to exchange information and experiences, and to discuss prospects, policies and constraints to modern applications of biomass energy.

 Table of contents
2.Papers Presented
3.Working Group Discussions
4.Conclusions and Recommendations
1.List of Participants
2.Programme of the Workshop
3.Country Papers
4.Field Visits
5.Technical Data

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