Improved Stove Selection and Dissemination: Asia Regional Training of Trainers Workshop

RWEDP Report No.42, 1998

This document is a report on the Asia Regional Training of Trainers Workshop on Improved Stove Selection and Dissemination, which was held in Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia from June 29 until July 8, 1997. In total 20 participants from 8 RWEDP member countries were trained in the use of a training module developed by ARECOP (Asia Regional Cookstove Program) with the expectation that the participants would organise a national training course on improved stove selection and dissemination in their own countries. Thereby using the process of improved stove selection introduced in this training module.

 Table of Contents
2.Background of the Workshop
3.Training of Trainers Framework
4.Field Exercises
5.Stove Construction Exercise
6.Teaching Practice Sessions
7.Formulation of National Training Plans
8.Course Evaluation
1.Training Sessions Covered by ARECOP Module
2.Results of Field Exercises and Stove Selection Stages 1 to 4
3.Teaching Practice Sessions
4.National Training Plans
5.Speeches at the Opening Ceremony
6.List and Profiles of Participants
7.TOT Workshop Schedule

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