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This assessment of the global fire situation is dedicated to the many men and women who lost their lives fighting wildfires during the drought-plagued 1990s. We all know that firefighting can be a dangerous business. The valiant efforts to protect people, property and natural resources from wildfires during 1990 to 2000 too often resulted in the death of brave people. Family, relatives, co-workers, friends and the world grieve these losses to this very day. No Region in the world was spared the grief associated with the tragic consequences that sometimes result from wildland firefighting.

We owe it to the memory of these fallen firefighters to apply the lessons learned from fatality fires, so that each and every fire crew member in the future always returns home following a fire assignment. Fire safety must be our number one priority.

We also dedicate this report to the villagers and citizens who found themselves in harm's way and died because of a wildfire. Safeguards need to be implemented to ensure that communities are better protected from fire.

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