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Appendices (continue)

Appendix 5
Action Flow-Chart 1970 – 1979

* Accomplishment during the period indicated is dependent on additional financial assistance from FAO
(E) Signifies endangered species with extinction or severe depletion of the gene pool
- - - Dotted lines indicate that work on new species will commence as soon as the work on the named species of higher priority is completed. The names of the new species will be decided by a subsequent meeting of the Panel.

 Region and SpeciesOperational ResponsabilityFinancial ResponsibilityGeographic limits of exploration/
64–65 or before66–6768–6970–7172–7374–7576–7778–79Remarks
  A. Existing, proposed and possible expeditions under national, bilateral or international projects          
1. Western USA and Canada
 Abies grandisIUFRO/USAIUFROEntire western range                         
 Abies lasiocarpaIUFRO/USA, CanadaIUFROEntire western range                         
 Abies proceraIUFRO/USA, CanadaIUFROEntire western range                         
 Picea glaucaCanadaCanadaEntire range                         
 Picea engelmanniiIUFRO/USA, CanadaIUFROEntire range                         
 Picea sitchensisIUFRO/USA, CanadaIUFROEntire range                         
 Pinus contortaIUFRO/USA, CanadaIUFROEntire western range                         
 Pinus ponderosaIUFRO/USA, CanadaIUFRO, USAEntire range                         
 Pinus radiataIUFRO/USAIUFROEntire range + land range                        Species from 72–73 to be determined
 Populus tremuloidesPoplar Council + IUFROPoplar CouncilEntire range                         
 Populus trichocarpaPoplar Council + IUFROPoplar CouncilEntire range                         
 Pseudotsuga macrocarpaIUFRO, USAIUFRO, USAEntire range                         
 Pseudotsuga menziesiiIUFRO/USA/FRI(Canberra), CanadaIUFRO, CanadaEntire western range to Mexican border                         
2. Eastern USA and Canada
 Juglans nigraUSAUSAEntire range                        Species from 74–75 to be determined
 Picea glaucaCanadaCanadaEntire range                         
 Picea marianaCanadaCanadaEntire range                         
 Pinus banksianaCanadaCanadaEntire range                         
 Pinus echinataUSA/South AfricaUSA/South AfricaEntire range                         
 Pinus elliottiiUSA/South AfricaUSA/South AfricaEntire range                         
 Pinus palustrisUSA/South AfricaUSA/South AfricaEntire range                         
 Pinus taedaUSA/South AfricaUSA/South AfricaEntire range                         
 Pinus etrobusOhio Agr.Expt. StationOhio Agr.Expt.StationEntire range                         
 Pinus virginianaUSA/South AfricaUSA/South AfricaEntire range                         
 Populus deltoidesPoplar Council of USAPoplar Council of USAEntire range north of Mississippi delta                         
3. Mexico
(E)Pinus maximartineziiINIF (Mexico)INIFEntire range                         
 Pinus oocarpaINIF(Mexico)/S. AfricaINIF/South AfricaEntire range in Mexico                        Species from 72–73 to be determined
 Pinus patulaINIF(Mexico)/S.AfricaINIF/South AfricaEntire range in Mexico                        " "  "  "  "  "  "
 Pinus radiataIUFRO/INIFIUFROGuadeloupe Island                         
4. Central and South America
 Cedrela odorataCFICFIEntire range                         
(E)Pinus caribaea var.bahamensisCFICFI and FAOBahamas                         
 Pinus caribaea var. caribaeaINDAF/UNDPINDAF/UNDPW. Cuba                         
 Pinus caribaea var. hondurensisCFICFI and FAOEntire range                         
 Pinus oocarpaCFICFI and FAOEntire range                         
 Pinus pseudostrobusCFI and ?MexicoCFI and FAO and MexicoEntire range                         
 Pinus strobus var. chiapensiaCFI and ?MexicoCFI and FAO and MexicoEntire range                         
 Swietenia bumilisU.S. in Puerto RicoUSAEntire range                         
 Swietenia maorephyllaU.S. in Puerto RicoUSAEntire range                         
 Swietenia mahagoniU.S. in Puerto RicoUSAEntire range                         
5. Northern Europe
 Picea abiesSweden/IUFROSwedenWestern Europe                         
 Picea abiesIUFROParticipating countriesEastern Europe                         
 Pinus nigraIUFRO/Mediterranean/
IUFRO/Med. CCFR*Entire range                        See also under Mediterranean
 Pinus sylvestrisIUFROParticipating Eastern Europe                          
Mediterranean, S. Europe Near East
 Abies cepthlonicaGreece/UNDP ProjectGreece/UNDPGreece                         
(E)Abies nebrodensisItalyItalyItaly                         
 Abies nordranniana/
Turkey/France/UNDP ProjectTurkey/France/
S. Caucasus                         
 Abies pineapoMediterranean CCFR/SpainSpain?Spain                         
 Cupressus sempervirens Med. CCFRMember countries of Med. CCFREntire range                         
(E)Cupressus duprezianaTunisia/UNDP ProjectTunisia/UNDPEntire range                         
 Eucalyptus camaldulensisMed. CCFRMember countries of Med. CCFRMediterranean land races                         
 Pinus brutiaMed. CCFR/Turkey/
Tunisia/Iraq/UNDP Projects
Med. CCFR member countries/UNDP ProjectsEntire range                        Species from 78–79 to be determined. See also under Northern Europe
(E)Pinus eldarica
 Pinus halepensis
 Pinus nigraMed. CCFRMember countries Med. CCFR*Entire range                         
 Populus nigraTurkey Poplar InstituteTurkey Poplar InstituteEntire range Turkey                         

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