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by James L. McConnell and Dr. Earl Belcher 1

The increasing use of wood and wood products has stimulated forestation efforts throughout the world in recent years, which in turn have accelerated tree improvement research. This has resulted in a growing demand for reproductive materials, especially seeds, from the United States for use by foresters throughout the world.

In the past, the U.S. Forest Service has handled over 5 000 foreign requests for seed through its Division of Timber Management Research in Washington, D.C. In addition to these requests, hundreds more have been handled by Forest Service field units and by various universities, industries, and state forestry agencies. The number of requests for tree seed has increased each year as forestation, tree improvement, and forest genetics activities have expanded.

To facilitate the handling of these requests, to overcome the duplication of efforts often experienced in filling them, and to combine service at one central location, the U.S. Forest Tree Seed Center was established by the U.S. Forest Service in January 1972 at the Eastern Tree Seed Laboratory in Macon, Georgia. During its first year of operation, the Center shipped experimental lots of seed to Scotland, Peru, Nepal, Madagascar, Kenya, Japan, Haiti, Gabon, France, England, Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Iceland, Korea, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia.

The seed center will furnish small lots of tree seed for species introduction trials, provenance research, tree breeding, and similar purposes to forest researchers, but only to those outside the United States. Seed is available to both public and private agencies but is intended for experimental use only, not for commercial purposes. When requests in excess of the prescribed limit are received, they are returned to the requestor with recommendations for possible sources of the seed from commercial seed dealers. Approximately one-fourth of the requests received fall into this category.

At present, primary emphasis is on the major Southern pine species (Pinus echinata, P. elliettii, P. palustris and P. taeda). However, the inventory of seed now on hand includes more than 50 coniferous species (gymnosperms) and three hardwood species (angiosperms). As requests are received for other coniferous species, collections will be made and representative amounts added to the Center's seed stock for use in meeting current and future requests. Requests for hardwoods, including central and northern species, will be honoured as quickly as seed can be obtained. Again, representative amounts will be collected and stored, if feasible, for use in filling future requests.

Any organization or company receiving a request from a foreign researcher can send it to the Center where the request will be evaluated. If the request qualifies under the established policies, the requestor will be sent inventories and price lists. The Center will handle all visas, plant quarantine inspections and foreign shipping arrangements for the requested seed. In most cases, the seed is shipped via International Air Mail. Packages over four pounds must be shipped via Air Freight. The requestor pays all shipping charges.

1 Mr. McConnell is Director of the Eastern Tree Seed Laboratory, Macon, Georgia. Dr. Belcher is Tree Seed Specialist at the Laboratory.

A service charge for seed is levied to cover the costs of processing requests and administering the programme. The scale of charges is as follows:

1.Seed orchard seed without clonal identification
  (1000 seed maximum)$20.00(U.S.)
2.Seed orchard seed with clonal identification
  (100 seed maximum)$20.00(U.S.)
3.All others (except special collections)
 Minimum:   500 – 2 500 seed$  5.00(U.S.)
2 501 – 5 000 seed$10.00(U.S.)
5 001 – 7 500 seed$15.00(U.S.)
7 501 – 10 000 seed$20.00(U.S.)
4.Special collections — based on actual costs. The requestor will be given a price quotation for approval before the collection is made.
5.Requests for special collections outside those normally stocked by the Seed Center will be arranged when possible, with actual costs to be charged to the requesting foreign agency or organization.
6.Shipping charges, other than International Mail, will be paid by the consignee. Shipments over four pounds (2.0 kg) must be shipped air freight, postpaid or collect.

The scale of charges for cottonwood (Populus deltoides) cuttings is as follows:

  1. Select clones as identified through published descriptive data. Rooting ability generally known. $1.00 each cutting (a cutting can vary in length from 12" to 22"). Limit 25 cuttings each clone.

  2. Unidentified or run-of-the-bar cuttings (source identified). Rooting ability not known. $.50 each cutting. Limit 100 cuttings.

  3. Unidentified or run-of-the-bar cuttings (source not identified). Rooting ability not known. $.50 each cutting. Limit 100 cuttings.

Additional requirements for cottonwood:

  1. Shipment from the U.S. will be between December 15 and March 1.

  2. All cuttings will be shipped air freight. Freight charges to be paid by consignee.

Further information, including a current inventory of seed available, may be obtained by writing:
Director, United States Forest Tree Seed Center
U.S. Forest Service
P.O. Box 819
Macon, Georgia 31202, U.S.A.

P.O. BOX 819, MACON, GEORGIA 31202 U.S.A.

MAY 1973

O r i g i n
012-02Abies balsameaItascaMinnesota47.6°  94.2°  411
012-03Abies balsameaMarquetteMichigan46.5°  86.0°  182
015-01Abies concolorModocCalifornia41.5°120.3°1829
015-03Abies concolorCoconinoArizona35.3°111.6°2499
015-04Abies concolorEl DoradoCalifornia38.9°121.6°1280
016-01Abies fraseriMitchellNorth California36.1°  82.1°1737
017-01Abies grandisBoiseIdaho44.0°116.0°1768
017-02Abies grandisKootenaiIdaho48.4°116.8°1372
018-01Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonicaGreenleeArizona33.6°109.2°2670
019-01Abies lasiocarpaGrandColorado39.8°106.0°3200
052-01Cupressus arizonica var. glabraYavapaiArizona34.9°111.9°1280
052-02Cupressus arizonica var. glabraYavapaiArizona34.9°111.9°1372
053-01Cupressus macrocarpaMontereyCalifornia36.5°122.0°   30
066-01Juniperus scopulorumLarimerColorada40.8°105.2°1768
067-01Juniperus silicicolaCalhounFlorida30.5°  85.0°    49
067-02Juniperus silicicolaCalhounFlorida30.5°  85.0°    45
068-01Juniperus virginianaClarkeGeorgia34.0°  83.5°  183
068-02Juniperus virginiana(Adirondack Mt)New York                     
071-01Larix laricinaCassMinnesota47.3°  94.5°   396
071-02Larix laricinaNear FairbanksAlaska64.7°148.0° 120
071-03Larix laricinaGraftonNew Hampshire44.1°  71.5°  375
073-01Larix occidentalisGrantOregon44.0°118.5°1769
081-01Libocedrus decurrensEl DoradoCalifornia38.8°120.7° 914
092-01Picea brewerianaSiskiyouCalifornia42.0°123.5°1372
093-01Picea engelmanniiHinsdaleColorado37.5°107.3°2926
093-02Picea engelmanniiCoconinoArizona35.3°111.7°3018
093-03Picea engelmanniiMoffatColorado40.5°108.0°2743
093-04Picea engelmanniiLarimerColorado40.6°105.8°2865
093-05Picea engelmanniiLarimerColorado40.7°105.6°2407
093-06Picea engelmanniiGarfieldUtah38.0°111.7°3139
093-07Picea engelmanniiYakimaWashington46.5°120.9°1753
094-01Picea glaucaGogebicMichigan46.5° 90.0°       
094-02Picea glaucaItascaMinnesota47.0°  94.0°  396
094-03Picea glaucaItascaMinnesota47.6°  94.2°  411
094-04Picea glaucaNorth Star BoroughAlaska65.0°146.6° 210
094-05Picea glaucaNear FairbanksAlaska64.9°146.7° 195
094-06Picea glaucaPenobscotMaine45.0°  68.5°    30
095-01Picea marianaNorth StarAlaska64.7°148.3° 320
096-01Picea pungensChaffeeColorado38.5°106.0°2134
096-02Picea pungensHuerfanoColorado37.4°105.1°2651
096-03Picea pungensSummitUtah40.7°111.0°2133
097-01Picea rubensPenobscotMaine45.0°  68.5°    30
098-01Picea sitchensis(Yakutat)Alaska59.5°139.6°   14
098-02Picea sitchensisLaneOregon44.0°124.0° 152
098-03Picea sitchensisCurryOregon42.1°124.4°   23
098-04Picea sitchensisClallamWashington48.0°124.0° 229
098-05Picea sitchensisClallamWashington48.0°124.0° 305
102-01Pinus aristataInyoCalifornia37.4°118.2°3139
102-02Pinus aristataWhite PineNevada38.9°114.3° 335
103-01Pinus attenuataEl DoradoCalifornia38.9°120.7°1036
103-02Pinus attenuataSiskiyouCalifornia41.3°122.3°1554
103-03Pinus attenuataColusaCalifornia39.3°122.7° 747
103-04Pinus attenuataPlacerCalifornia39.0°121.4°1128
104-01Pinus balfourianaTehamaCalifornia40.1°122.9°2408
104-02Pinus balfourianaInyoCalifornia36.8°118.4°2789
105-01Pinus banksianaSomersetMaine45.5°  70.2°  408
105-02Pinus banksianaMarquetteMichigan46.5°  86.0°  182
107-01Pinus clausaWaltonFlorida30.0° 87.0°    30
107-02Pinus clausaLakeFlorida29.0°  82.0°    30
107-03Pinus clausaOkaloosaFlorida30.5° 83.5°       
108-01Pinus contortaHumboldtCalifornia40.8°124.5°     0
108-02Pinus contortaRouttColorado40.2°107.0°       
108-03Pinus contortaValleyIdaho44.8°115.8°1676
108-04Pinus contortaFremontIdaho44.0°112.0°2286
108-05Pinus contortaCoosOregon43.0°124.0° 152
108-06Pinus contortaPacificWashington46.1°124.1°   61
108-07Pinus contortaPacificWashington45.5°123.5° 152
108-08Pinus contortaAlbanyWyoming40.3°106.3°2594
108-09Pinus contortaEl DoradoCalifornia38.8°120.0°2134
108-10Pinus contortaFremontIdaho44.2°111.1°2024
108-11Pinus contortaDel NorteCalifornia42.0°124.0°   15
110-01Pinus echinataFranklinPennsylvania39.8° 77.5°  305
110-02Pinus echinataBuchinghamVirginia37.5° 78.5°  162
110-03Pinus echinataJasperGeorgia33.3° 83.7°  107
110-04Pinus echinataStoneMississippi30.6° 89.1°  106
110-05Pinus echinataScottMississippi32.5° 89.0°    30
110-06Pinus echinataLoganArkansas35.5° 93.5°  396
110-07Pinus echinataTwiggsGeorgia32.7° 83.4°    91
110-08Pinus echinataCherokeeTexas30.8° 95.3°  140
110-10Pinus echinataGreeneGeorgia33.5° 83.2°       
110-11Pinus echinataBuncombeNorth Carolina35.5° 82.6°  671
110-12Pinus echinataPendletonWest Virginia39.8° 79.1°  411
110-13Pinus echinataBuncombeNorth Carolina35.5° 82.6°  671
110-14Pinus echinataTexasMissouri37.4° 91.9°  366
110-15Pinus echinataCarrollArkansas36.1° 93.5°  465
110-16Pinus echinataGreeneGeorgia34.0° 84.0°    13
* 111-02Pinus elliottiiColumbiaFlorida29.8° 82.5°    61
111-03Pinus elliottiiCalhounFlorida30.6° 85.1°    46
111-04Pinus elliottiiSt. TammanyLouisiana30.5° 90.0°    46
111-05Pinus elliottiiHarrisonMississippi30.5° 89.1°    46
111-06Pinus elliottiiCalhounFlorida30.6° 85.1°    65
111-07Pinus elliottiiDoolyGeorgia32.0° 83.7°    98
111-08Pinus elliottiiBerkeleySouth Carolina33.2° 79.7°      8
111-09Pinus elliottiiHamptonSouth Carolina32.8° 79.7°      9
111-10Pinus elliottiiCalhounFlorida30.4° 85.4°    46
111-11Pinus elliottiiHarrisonMississippi30.9° 89.2°    45
111-12Pinus elliottiiHarrisonMississippi30.9° 89.2°    45
*111-13Pinus elliottiiHamptonSouth Carolina32.5° 81.0°       
114-01Pinus flexilis var. reflexaOteroNew Mexico32.5°105.5°2682
115-01Pinus glabraWashingtonLouisiana30.6° 89.8°       
115-02Pinus glabraWashingtonLouisiana30.6° 89.8°    61
115-03Pinus glabraGeorgeMississippi30.6° 89.3°    91
115-04Pinus glabraJonesMississippi31.7° 89.4°  122
116-02Pinus jeffreyiEl DoradoCalifornia38.9°120.4°1463
117-03Pinus lambertianaRiversideCalifornia33.8°116.7°1813
117-04Pinus lambertianaRiversideCalifornia33.8°116.8°2209
119-01Pinus monticolaEl DoradoCalifornia38.8°120.0°2225
119-02Pinus monticolaClearwaterIdaho46.5°116.0° 610
119-03Pinus monticolaClearwaterIdaho46.5°116.0° 915
119-05Pinus monticolaClearwaterIdaho46.5°116.0°1525
119-07Pinus monticolaShoshoneIdaho47.6°116.3° 915
119-08Pinus monticolaShoshoneIdaho47.6°116.3°1220
119-09Pinus monticolaBoundaryIdaho48.7°116.7° 915
119-10Pinus monticolaShoshoneIdaho47.1°116.2°1525
119-11Pinus monticolaShoshoneIdaho47.1°116.2°1220
119-13Pinus monticolaShoshoneIdaho47.1°116.2° 915
119-14Pinus monticolaBonnerIdaho48.0°117.0°1220
119-15Pinus monticolaBonnerIdaho48.0°117.0°1525
119-16Pinus monticolaFlatheadMontana48.5°114.6°1220
119-17Pinus monticolaFlatheadMontana48.5°114.6°1525
119-18Pinus monticolaPowellMontana47.2°113.4°1220
119-19Pinus monticolaMissoulaMontana47.2°113.4°1525
119-20Pinus monticolaYakimaWashington46.5°121.1°1067
119-21Pinus monticolaOkanoganWashington48.5°119.7°1220
121-02Pinus palustrisClayAlabama33.5° 86.0°  183
121-03Pinus palustrisPolkTexas31.0° 94.5°       
121-05Pinus palustrisVernonLouisiana31.0° 93.0°    61
121-06Pinus palustrisClayAlabama33.5° 86.0°  183
121-09Pinus palustrisColumbiaFlorida29.8° 82.5°    61
121-10Pinus palustrisBerkeleySouth Carolina33.1° 79.7°     8
121-11Pinus palustrisCalhounFlorida30.4° 85.3°    47
121-12Pinus palustrisBerkeleySouth Carolina33.2° 79.6°     7
121-13Pinus palustrisDoolyGeorgia32.0° 83.7°    96
121-15Pinus palustrisCalhounFlorida30.4° 85.4°    46
121-16Pinus palustrisFlorenceSouth Carolina34.1° 79.7°    36
121-17Pinus palustrisNansemondVirginia46.5° 76.9°     9
121-18Pinus palustrisHarrisonMississippi30.5° 89.0°    75
122-01Pinus ponderosaPimaArizona32.3°110.8°2058
122-04Pinus ponderosaElmoreIdaho43.5°115.5°1768
122-05Pinus ponderosaRavalliMontana46.1°114.2°1311
122-06Pinus ponderosaTaosNew Mexico36.6°105.5°2515
122-07Pinus ponderosaDeschutesOregon43.7°121.0°1676
122-10Pinus ponderosaLawrenceSouth Dakota44.2°103.7°1722
122-11Pinus ponderosaOkanoganWashington48.7°119.2°1067
122-12Pinus ponderosaDeschutesOregon44.0°121.3°1128
123-01Pinus pungensGrantWest Virginia38.9°   79.3°  549
123-02Pinus pungensBuncombeNorth Carolina35.5°   82.6°  671
125-01Pinus resinosaYorkMaine43.4°   70.7°    79
125-02Pinus resinosaItascaMinnesota47.6°   94.2°  411
125-04Pinus resinosaItascaMinnesota44.5°   88.5°       
125-05Pinus resinosaForestPennsylvania41.5°   78.5°  549
126-01Pinus rigidaBuncombeNorth Carolina35.5°   82.6°  655
126-02Pinus rigidaBurlingtonNew Jersey39.8°   74.8°    12
127-01Pinus sabinianaEl DoradoCalifornia38.9°   20.9°  610
128-01Pinus serotinaBerkeleySouth Carolina33.1°   79.7°      7
128-02Pinus serotinaCravenNorth Carolina35.0°   77.0°      6
128-03Pinus serotinaBakerFlorida29.7°   82.3°    60
129-01Pinus strobusLakeMichigan43.8°   85.8°  293
129-02Pinus strobusMerrimackNew Hampshire43.3°   71.8°  183
131-03Pinus taedaWorcesterMaryland38.2°   75.5°      9
131-04Pinus taedaWorcesterMaryland38.2°   75.5°    30
131-05Pinus taedaCalcasieuLouisiana30.3°   93.3°    15
131-06Pinus taedaLivingstonLouisiana30.4°   90.8°       
131-07Pinus taedaNacogdochesTexas31.3°   95.0°   91
131-08Pinus taedaScottMississippi32.5°   89.5°   30
131-09Pinus taedaHarrisonMississippi30.5°   89.1°   46
131-10Pinus taedaStoneMississippi30.6°   89.1° 107
131-11Pinus taedaJonesNorth Carolina35.8°   77.2°    9
131-12Pinus taedaOglethorpeGeorgia33.9°   83.2°  152
131-13Pinus taedaJonesGeorgia33.0°   83.7°  122
131-14Pinus taedaOglethorpeGeorgia33.9°   83.2°       
131-15Pinus taedaColumbiaFlorida29.8°   82.5°    37
131-16Pinus taedaScottMississippi32.5°   89.0°    30
131-17Pinus taedaCharlestonSouth Carolina33.1°   79.5°      8
132-01Pinus virginianaPrince GeorgeMaryland38.8°   76.8°     55
132-02Pinus virginianaMadisonKentucky37.6°  84.3°  305
132-03Pinus virginianaCumberlandTennessee35.3°  84.6°       
132-04Pinus virginianaFluvannaVirginia37.8°  78.3°  107
132-05Pinus virginianaHampshireWest Virginia39.3°  78.6°  335
149-01Pinus elliottii var. densaCollierFlorida26.5°  87.5°      9
149-02Pinus elliottii var. densaCharlotteFlorida27.0°  82.5°      5
201-02Pseudotsuga macrocarpaLos AngelesCalifornia34.4°117.8°1615
201-03Pseudotsuga macrocarpaSan DiegoCalifornia33.3°116.8°1524
201-04Pseudotsuga macrocarpaSan BernardinoCalifornia34.0°116.9°       
201-05Pseudotsuga macrocarpaLos AngelesCalifornia34.3°117.7°1315
202-01Pseudotsuga menziesiiApacheArizona34.0°109.5°2745
202-02Pseudotsuga menziesiiBoiseIdaho44.0°115.6°1829
202-03Pseudotsuga menziesiiOteroNew Mexico32.9°105.7°2682
202-04Pseudotsuga menziesiiOteroNew Mexico32.9°105.7°2682
202-06Pseudotsuga menziesiiClackamusOregon45.0°122.0°1067
202-07Pseudotsuga menziesiiLakeOregon44.8°112.1° 914
202-08Pseudotsuga menziesiiYakimaWashington46.6°121.7° 914
202-10Pseudotsuga menziesiiColfaxNew Mexico36.0°106.0°2667
202-11Pseudotsuga menziesiiCoconinoArizona35.3°111.6°2560
202-13Pseudotsuga menziesiiFremontWyoming42.2°108.8°2438
221-02Taxodium distichumWashingtonMississippi33.4°   91.0°    36
241-02Thuja occidentalisAlgerMichigan46.3°   87.0°  324
242-01Thuja plicataDouglasWashington47.8°120.8° 610
261-01Tsuga canadensisBuncombeNorth Carolina35.5°  82.6°  640
261-02Tsuga canadensisCarrollNew Hampshire44.1°  71.3°3350
263-01Tsuga heterophyllaFlatheadMontana48.7°113.8°1219
264-01Tsuga mertensianaAlpineCalifornia38.7°119.9°2621
611-01Liquidambar styracifluaClarkeGeorgia34.0°  83.3°  213
611-02Liquidambar styracifluaLeeArkansas34.5°  90.5°    78
621-04Liriodendron tulipiferaBuncombeNorth Carolina35.5°  82.6°  685
621-06Liriodendron tulipiferaLawrenceIndiana39.0°  86.1°  210
621-07Liriodendron tulipiferaTuckerWest Virginia39.0°  79.7°  690
939-01Sophora chrysophyllaMauna KeaHawaii20.0°155.5°2362
939-02Sophora chrysophyllaMauna KeaHawaii20.5°155.5°2728
939-03Sophora chrysophyllaMauna KeaHawaii20.5°155.5°2469
939-04Sophora chrysophyllaMauna KeaHawaii20.1°155.5°2819

* see also code 149

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