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Appendix 1

ChairmanR. MorandiniIstituto Sperimentale per la Selvicoltura
52100 Arezzo, Italy
Vice-ChairmanM. HagmanForest Research Institute
Forest Tree Breeding Station
Maisala, Finland
MembersW.H.G. BarrettInstituto de Botánica, INTA
Castelar, BS.As., Argentina
alternateD.A.N. Cromer
J.W. Turnbull
Forestry and Timber Bureau
Canberra A.C.T. 2600, Australia
 W.G. DysonEast African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization
P.O. Box 30148
Nairobi, Kenya
 R.C. GhoshDirector, Forest Research
Forest Research Institute and Colleges
Dehra Dun, India
 M. J. GroulezCentre Technique Forestier Tropical
45 bis Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle
Nogent sur Marne (Seine), France
 D.E. IyamaboFederal Department of Forest Research
P.M.B. 5054
Ibadan, Nigeria
 LeRoy JonesDivision of Cooperative Forestry
Forest Service
Washington D.C. 20250, U.S.A.
alternateH. Keiding
H. Barner
DK - 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark
 R. H. KempCommonwealth Forestry Institute
Oxford OX1 3RB, United Kingdom
alternateR. Villarreal
F. Patiño
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales
Av. Progreso 5
Coyoaoan 21 D.F., Mexico



 ALLOCATED TO1966/671968/691970/711972/731974/75  
1.F.R.I., Canberra (Eucalypts, Araucaria etc)10,00013,00010,00010,00015,000  
2.C.F.I., Oxford (Central American pines)--15,00015,000-
3.I.N.I.F., Mexico (Mexican pines)--5,0005,00010,000  
4.I.U.F.R.O. (N.American conifers)--1,2005,0001,000  
5.UNDP/FAO/Brazil (Araucaria, tropical hardwoods)---8,0003,000  
6.F.D.F.R. Nigeria/CTFT France (tropical hardwoods)---5,0005,000  
7.I.S.S. Florence (Mediterranean conifers, eucalypts)--5,0003,0001,500  
8.Seed Centre Macon, USA (cost of seed to developing countries)---500-
 Sub-total (seed procurement)10,00014,50036,20051,50040,000  
1.“Forest Genetic Resources Information”---16,00017,500  
1.Panel Meetings-(10,000)(9,000)-(14,000)  
2.H.Q. staff direct costs     
(a) FAO Regular Programme(5,000)(10,000)(12,000)(18,500)(18,500)  
(b) Finnish Government Programme--(4,000)(16,500)?(16,500)?
 Sub-total (other)(5,000)(20,000)(25,000)(35,000)?(49,000)?

Note : Figures in parenthesis are approximate

Appendix 3


(1) - - - - - - - = seed collection planned during the biennium shown
                = seed collection carried out during the biennium shown

(2) An attempt has been made to indicate the extent to which natural variation was sampled, by stating the area in which collection was done and the number of provenances collected. This is a crude interim measure. As stated on page 21, a proper measure of sampling effectiveness is best done by production of maps which show both the natural distribution and the location of collecting points.

Region and SpeciesResponsibilityBienniumGeographic LimitsNumber of provenances
1. Western U.S.A. and Canada
Abies grandis
IUFRO, USA, Canada, FTSC  MaconIUFRO, USA     Entire western range 
     72–73 Idaho      2
A. lasiocarpa
IUFRO, Iceland, USA, Denmark, Canada, FTSC MaconIUFRO, Denmark, UNDP, Iceland, USA     Entire western range 
     70–71 USA(Colorado to Washington), Canada(Alberta, B.C.)    23
     72–73 Colorado, Arizona      2
A. procera
IUFRO, USA, CanadaIUFRO     Entire western range 
Picea engelmannii
IUFRO, Iceland, USA, Denmark, Canada, FTSC MaconIUFRO, Denmark, UNDP, Iceland, USA     Entire range 
     70–71 USA(Colorado to Washington), Canada(Alberta,B.C.)    22
72–73 Arizona to Washington      7
P. glauca
IUFRO, Denmark USA, Canada, FTSC MaconIUFRO Denmark, Canada, USA     Entire range  
     70–71 Western USA       2
     72–73 Alaska,Minnesota,Maine, Michigan       6
Picea sitchensis
IUFRO, USA, Canada,FTSC MaconIUFRO, FAO, USA     Entire range 
     68–69 Washington, Oregon and California    20
     70–71 Alaska, B.C. and Washington    47
     72–73 Alaska, Washington, Oregon      5
Pinus contorta
IUFRO, USA, Canada, FTSC MaconIUFRO, FAO, USA     Entire western range 
     66–67 USA(California to Washington, Alaska), Canada (B.C. & Alberta)  108
     68–69 USA (Montana, California to Washington), Canada (B.C.)    35
     70–71 Arizona to Montana    15
     72–73 Colorado, California to Washington    11
P. lambertiana
IUFRO, USA, FTSC MaconIUFRO, USA     Entire range in USA 
     70–71 California & Oregon    15
     72–73 California      2
P. ponderosa
IUFRO, Denmark, Iceland, USA, FTSC MaconIUFRO, Denmark, UNDP, Iceland, USA     Entire range 
     70–71 W. USA      5
     72–73 New Mexico & Arizona to Oregon      8
P. radiata
IUFRO/USAIUFRO     Entire range plus Land Races 
     63 California (Scion material)      3
Populus tremuloides
IUFRO, Poplar Council of AmericaIUFRO     Entire range 
P. trichocarpa
IUFRO, USA, CanadaIUFRO, Netherlands, Germany, France, Finland     Entire range 
     72–73 Oregon, Washington California, B.C., Alaska    75
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa
FTSC MaconUSA     Entire range
Pseudotsuga menziesii
IUFRO, USA, Canada,FTSC MaconIUFRO, FAO, USA     Entire range outside Mexico 
     66–67 Washington, Oregon and B.C  104
     68–69 B.C., Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico    63
     70–71 Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Arizona    10
     72–73 Washington & Idaho to Arizona & New Mexico    10
2. Eastern USA and Canada
Juglans nigraUSAUSA     Entire range 
Picea glauca
CanadaCanada     Entire range 
Picea mariana
      "      "     Entire range 
     70–71 USA(Michigan to Minnesota) Canada (Nova Scotia & Newfoundland to Yukon)    53
Pinus banksiana      "      "     Entire range 
P. echinata
USA (FTSC Macon)USA     Entire range 
     72–73 Pennsylvania to Texas, Mississippi & Arkansas    15
P. elliottii var. elliottii
      "       "      "     Entire range 
     72–73 S.Carolina to Florida and Louisiana    12
P. elliottii var. densa
      "       "      "     Entire range 
     72–73 Florida      2
P. palustris
      "       "      "     Entire range 
     72–73 Virginia to Florida and Texas    13
P. strobus
Ohio Agr. Expt.Stn., FTSC MaconOhio Agr. Expt.Stn., FTSC Macon     Entire range 
     72–73 Michigan, New Hampshire      2
P. taeda
USA(FTSC Macon)USA     Entire range 
     72–73 Maryland to Texas and Florida    15
Pinus virginiana
USA (FTSC Macon)USA     Entire range 
     72–73 Maryland to Tennessee      5
Populus deltoides
Poplar Council of USAPoplar Council of USA     Range N. of Mississippi Delta 
     66–67 Single tree collections 15 states of USA from New Hampshire to N.Dakota and south to Texas & Mississippi  192
P. tremuloides
      "       "      "       "     Range in USA 
     66–67 Single tree collections Vermont to Minnesota    18
3. Mexico         
Abies religiosa
NORAD/EAAFRO, Malawi, INIF MexicoNORAD, Denmark     

Range in Mexico

      68–69 Puebla, Mexico Michoacan & Jalisco       4
Pinus douglasiana
NORAD/EAAFRO, Malawi, INIF MexicoNORAD, Denmark     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Jalisco & Michoacan      2
P. leiophylla
      "       "      "       "     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Mexico, Michoacan and Oaxaca      6
P. maximartinezii
INIF MexicoINIF Mexico     Entire range 
        68–69 Juchipila in Zacatecas      1
P. michoacana
NORAD/EAAFRO, Malawi, INIF MexicoNORAD, Denmark     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Oaxaca and Michoacan      3
P. montezumae
      "       "      "       "     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Mexico and Michoacan      7
P. oocarpa
NORAD/EAAFRO, INIF MexicoINIF Mexico, NORAD, FAO     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Chiapas, Oaxaca & Michoacan    11
     72–73 Jalisco, Michoacan, Mexico and Chiapas    11
Pinus patula
NORAD/EAAFRO, INIF Mexico, MalawiINIF Mexico, NORAD, FAO, Denmark     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Hidalgo, Puebla, Vera Cruz and Oaxaca    10
     72–73 Hidalgo & Queretaro      3
P. pseudostrobus
      "       "      "       "     Range in Mexico 
     68–69 Mexico, Michoacan, Oaxaca and Chiapas      9
P. radiata
INIF Mexico, IUFRO, University of California IUFRO      Guadalupe, Cedros Islands  
     64     Ditto       2
P. strobus var. chiapensis
NORAD/EAAFRO, Malawi, INIF MexicoINIF Mexico, NORAD, Denmark, FAO     Range in Mexico 
      68–69 Vera Cruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guerrero      7
Populus deltoides
INIF Mexico, IUFROIUFRO, FAO     Range in Mexico 
Pseudotsuga spp.
      "       "      "       "     Range in Mexico 
4. Central and South America
Araucaria angustifolia
UNDP, Brazil, ArgentinaFAO, UNDP, Brazil, Argentina     Entire range 
     70–71 Brazil, Argentina    41
     72–73 Brazil    18
Cedrela odorata
(including C. mexicana & C. tubiflora)
CFI Oxford, cooperating countriesCFI Oxford, cooperating countries     Entire range 
     66–67 Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica. Land Races from Cuba, Sierra Leone    10
Pinus caribaea var. bahamensis
CFI Oxford, BahamasCFI Oxford, FAO     Bahamas 
     66–67 Andros, New Providence, Great Abaco      3
     68–69 Andros      1
Pinus caribaea var. caribaea
INDAF Cuba, UNDPINDAF Cuba, UNDP     W. Cuba 
     W. Cuba      7
P. caribaea var. hondurensis
CFI Oxford, NORAD/EAAFROCFI Oxford, FAO, NORAD     Entire range 
     68–69 Nicaragua, Guatemala      3
     70–71 Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Qld. land race    23
     72–75 Repeat collections of larger quantities      6
P. oocarpa
CFI Oxford, NORAD/EAAFROCFI Oxford, FAO, NORAD     Entire range outside Mexico 
     68–69 Guatemala, Honduras    10
     70–71 Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize    28
     72–75 Includes repeat collection of larger quantities    17
P. pseudostrobus
P. tenuifolia)
CFI OxfordCFI Oxford, FAO     Entire range outside Mexico 
     70–71 Nicaragua, Guatemala      4
     72–73          "               " Honduras      4
P. strobus var. chiapensis
CFI OxfordCFI Oxford, FAO     Entire range outside Mexico 
Swietenia humilis
USA/Puerto Rico, UNDP, cooperating countriesUSA/Puerto Rico, UNDP, FAO, cooperating countries     Entire range 
     Before 66–67 Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua      7
S. macrophylla
      "       "      "       "     Entire range 
     Before 66–67 Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama    11
S. mahagoni
      "       "      "       "     Entire range 
     Before 66–67 Land Race
St Croix (Virgin Islands)
5. Northern and Central Europe
Picea abies
Sweden/IUFROSweden     Western Europe 
     Before 66–67 ?1320
    "     "IUFROParticipating countries     Eastern Europe 
Pinus sylvestris
IUFRO, USSRParticipating countries     Eastern Europe 
        74–75 USSR  130

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