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This document represents the first revision of Fisheries Circular 942, and is a key document in the FAO Fishery Department's efforts to provide accurate and timely information on fishery resources. Numerous contributors are responsible for the production of this Circular. The various sections of this document have been produced by the authors or groups indicated in the appropriate sections. Dr José Aguilar-Manjarrez, Fishery Resources Officer (Inland Fisheries GIS) prepared the maps and Ms Adele Crispoldi, Senior Fishery Statistician and FIDI staff provided breakdowns of statistical data for Chapter 1, "Overview of Inland Fisheries". The capture fishery and aquaculture production data are from the FAO Fisheries Department and were extracted using FISHSTAT+. The data sets were Aquaculture Production: Quantities 1950 to 2001, and Capture Production 1950-2001. The data are available at:

Design and layout were by Mr George Ellis; editing was by Drs Devin Hartley (FIRI), James McDaid Kapetsky (FIRI-retired), José Aguilar-Manjarrez (FIRI) and Ms Claudia Riva (FIRI).

A floppy disk containing the figures presented in this circular is available at the end of the document for better understanding. These figures maybe used for other publications provided that the source (FAO) is cited.

Comments on this document are welcome and should be directed to Chief, Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Service, Viale Delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome or through

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