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The author is very grateful to all the organic producers, market operators, importers, consultants and other experts from the organic sector who have provided quantitative and qualitative information for this study.

Special thanks go to the following persons for their support to this work:

Astrid Huntenburg and Ronaldo Anacleto, Montecitrus, Brazil; Amarjit Sahota, Organic Monitor, UK; Elena Peris Moll, University of Valencia, Spain; Peter Segger, Organic Farm Foods, UK; Rudy Kortbech-Olesen, ITC, Switzerland; Pierre Gunz, Kouekou, France; Barrie Preston, Doehler, Netherlands; Maria Fernanda de Fonseca, Pesagro-Rio, Brazil; Omar Somarribas, Del Oro, Costa Rica; Mikkel Andersen, FAO, Costa Rica; Maria del Carmen Perez, Ministry of Agriculture, Cuba; Cristina Grandi, IFOAM, Italy; Benito Scazziota, AIAB Calabria, Italy; Armando Jatosti, Sezione italiana del CLAM, Italy; Henri de Pazzis, Pro-Natura, France; Madiha Rahali, EACCE, Morocco; Dominique Pallet, CIRAD-FLHOR, Brazil/France.

FAO colleagues David Hallam, Paul Pilkauskas, Cora Dankers and Pedro Arias are thanked for the useful comments they provided on the draft report.

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