FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.1 - April 2004 p.15

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The 2004 cereal production is forecast at 286 000 tonnes. Cereal import requirements in 2004 are expected to be about 82 000 tonnes, including 32 000 tonnes of food aid. Already this tonnage has been pledged.

 WheatRiceCoarse GrainsTotal Cereals
 [thousand tonnes]
Previous year production (incl. paddy rice)961203273
Previous five years average production (incl. paddy rice)859200267
Previous year imports2556797
Previous five years average imports2545887
2004 Domestic Availability1042213265
2004 Production (incl. paddy rice)1063213286
2004 Production (incl. milled rice)1042213265
Possible stock drawdown----
2004 Utilization3547265347
Food use3339233305
Non-food use283242
Exports or re-exports----
Possible stock build up----
2004 Import Requirement2555282
Anticipated commercial imports2552050
Of which: received or contracted----
Food aid needs--3232
Current Aid Position    
Food aid pledges--3232
Of which: delivered--1212
Donor-financed purchases----
Of which: for local use----
for export----
Estimated Per Caput Consumption (kg/year)553241
2004 Production compared to average (incl. paddy rice)125107107107
2004 Import requirement compared to average1001259094
Cereal share of total calorie intake   16
Additional Information    
Major foodcropspulses; plantains; roots; tubers; maize; sorghum
Lean seasonNovember-December
Population (000s)7 372   
GNI per capita in 2002 (US$)100   

FAO/GIEWS - April 2004

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