FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.1 - April 2004 p.19

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Aggregate cereal output in 2003, mostly sorghum and millet, is revised to a record of 1.4 million tonnes, some 200 000 tonnes more than last year. The cereal import requirement for 2003/04 (November/October) is estimated at some 97 000 tonnes, mainly wheat and rice, of which about 79 000 tonnes are anticipated to be covered by commercial imports.

 WheatRiceCoarse GrainsTotal Cereals
 [thousand tonnes]
Previous year production (incl. paddy rice)41351 0741 212
Previous five years average production (incl. paddy rice)41201 0831 207
Previous year imports7315896
Previous five years average imports60131487
2003/04 Domestic Availability3961 2811 380
2003 Production (incl. paddy rice)31401 2811 424
2003 Production (incl. milled rice)3961 2811 380
Possible stock drawdown----
2003/04 Utilization781061 2931 477
Food use74899311 094
Non-food use117251268
Exports or re-exports--2727
Possible stock build up3-8588
2003/04 Import Requirement75101297
Anticipated commercial imports6210779
of which: received or contracted----
Food aid needs13-518
Current Aid Position    
Food aid pledges6-410
of which: delivered2-46
Donor-financed purchases--33
of which: for local use--33
for export----
Estimated Per Caput Consumption (kg/year)911114134
2003 Production compared to average (incl. paddy rice)73117118118
2003/04 Import requirement compared to average1257786111
Cereal share of total calorie intake   54
Additional Information    
Major foodcropsmillet; sorghum; roots; tubers; tree nuts
Lean seasonAugust-September
Population (000s)8 190   
GNI per capita in 2002 (US$)220   

FAO/GIEWS - April 2004

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