FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.1 - April 2004 p.41

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The revised 2003 cereal production is estimated at over 1.8 million tonnes, some 2.4 percent above last year’s level. Import requirements are estimated at 673 000 tonnes, mainly rice and wheat, but also maize meal for southern areas, because moving maize from the surplus areas of North to the South remains uncompetitive due to high internal transport costs. Commercial imports are estimated at 449 000 tonnes and food aid at 224 000 tonnes, of which 121 000 tonnes are emergency food aid for large numbers affected by drought in southern provinces. Local purchases of maize will complement the emergency food aid requirements.

 WheatRiceCoarse GrainsTotal Cereals
 [thousand tonnes]
Previous year production (incl. paddy rice)-1681 6001 768
Previous five years average production (incl. paddy rice)21741 5131 689
Previous year imports250181257688
Previous five years average imports212126160498
2003/04 Domestic Availability-1341 6111 745
2003 Production (incl. paddy rice)-2001 6111 811
2003 Production (incl. milled rice)-1341 6111 745
Possible stock drawdown----
2003/04 Utilization3003221 7962 418
Food use2852881 3981 971
Non-food use534303342
Exports or re-exports--9090
Possible stock build up10-515
2003/04 Import Requirement300188185673
Anticipated commercial imports200124125449
of which: received or contracted70107119296
Food aid needs1006460224
Current Aid Position    
Food aid pledges1786465308
of which: delivered926465221
Donor-financed purchases--2222
of which: for local use--2222
for export----
Estimated Per Caput Consumption (kg/year)151575106
2003 Production compared to average (incl. paddy rice)-115106107
2003/04 Import requirement compared to average142149116135
Cereal share of total calorie intake   43
Additional Information    
Major foodcropsroots; tubers; maize
Lean seasonFebruary-April
Population (000s)18 634   
GNI per capita in 2002 (US$)210   

FAO/GIEWS - April 2004

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