FAO/GIEWS: Africa Report No.1 - April 2004 p.58

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An FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission in May estimated the 2003 cereal production at 1 million tonnes, including forecast for the winter wheat and barley crops. At this level, production is 47 percent higher than the poor level of last year but still well below average. Cereal import requirement for 2003/04 are revised to 1.036 million tonnes, of which maize accounts for 765 000 tonnes. Given the acute shortage of foreign exchange, 363 000 tonnes need to be met through food aid.

 WheatRiceCoarse GrainsTotal Cereals
 [thousand tonnes]
Previous year production (incl. paddy rice)1602552714
Previous five years average production (incl. paddy rice)272-1 5321 804
Previous year imports33121 2411 286
Previous five years average imports11822390530
2003/04 Domestic Availability12639491 078
2003 Production (incl. paddy rice)12659171 047
2003 Production (incl. milled rice)12639171 046
Possible stock drawdown--3232
2003/04 Utilization388121 7142 114
Food use341121 4141 767
Non-food use12-300312
Exports or re-exports----
Possible stock build up35--35
2003/04 Import Requirement26297651 036
Anticipated commercial imports2626405673
of which: received or contracted72405414
Food aid needs-3360363
Current Aid Position    
Food aid pledges-53307360
of which: delivered-3274277
Donor-financed purchases--99
of which: for local use--99
for export----
Estimated Per Caput Consumption (kg/year)291120150
2003 Production compared to average (incl. paddy rice)46-6058
2003/04 Import requirement compared to average22241196195
Cereal share of total calorie intake   58
Additional Information    
Major foodcropsmaize; wheat; millet; sorghum
Lean seasonFebruary-April
Population (000s)11 770   
GNI per capita in 2002 (US$)n.a.   

FAO/GIEWS - April 2004

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