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ADABAustralian Development Assistance Bureau
AGPECrop Ecology and Genetic Resources Unit of FAO's Plant Production and Protection Division
CCMFRCommittee for Coordination of Mediterranean Forestry Research
CGIARConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CITESConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CNPPACommission on National Parks and Protected Areas (IUCN)
CNRFCentre National de Recherches Forestières (Senegal)
COHDEFORCorporación Hondureña de Desarrollo Forestal (Honduras)
CONAFCorporación Nacional Forestal (Chile)
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)
CTFTCentre Technique Forestier Tropical (France)
DANIDADanish International Development Agency
DFRDivision of Forest Research (CSIRO, Australia)
EECEuropean Economic Community
EMBRAPAEmpresa Brasileira de Pesquisas Agropecuarias (Brazil)
ENGREFEcole Nationale du Génie Rural des Eaux et des Forêts (France)
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FDForestry Department
FGRI“Forest Genetic Resources Information”
FRIForestry Research Institute
FSCForest Seed Centre (Denmark)
FTSCForest Tree Seed Centre (Macon)
GPTMGFGrupo Pérmanente de Trabalho in Mellioramento Genetico Forestal (Brazil)
IBDFInstituto Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento Florestal
IBPGRInternational Board for Plant Genetic Resources
IBRDInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICRAFInternational Council for Research on Agroforestry
IDRCInternational Development Research Centre (Canada)
INFORInstituto Nacional Forestal y de Fauna (Peru)
INIFInstituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales (Mexico)
ISSIstituto Sperimentale per la Selvicoltura (Italy)
ISTAInternational Seed Testing Association
IUCNInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
IUFROInternational Union of Forestry Research Organizations
LDALand Development Authority (Israel)
MABMan and Biosphere (Unesco Programme)
ODAOverseas Development Administration (UK)
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OFIOxford Forestry Institute (U.K.)
PNGPapua New Guinea
PNPFPrograma Nacional de Pesquisa Florestal
SNRStrict Natural Reserve
SSCSpecies Survival Commission (IUCN)
TACTechnical Advisory Committee (of CGIAR)
TPCThreatened Plants Committee (IUCN)
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme
UnescoUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UTSUnit of Tropical Silviculture (CFI, (U.K.)
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund

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