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1. Introduction

The study of the UK market for West African smoked fish was undertaken in support of FAO project “Strengthening of Fish Quality Assurance” (TCP/NIR/8926) in Nigeria. Output 5 of the project was the promotion of trade in traditional fishery products from the small-scale sector. The aim of the study is to characterise the smoked fish export/import trade focussing on the United Kingdom (UK) and to identify constraints to the trade, suggesting guidelines or recommendations to the project.

Figure 1: Various products on sale in street market

The study is of interest not only to Nigeria but also to other countries exporting traditional fishery products to Europe.

Figure 2: Smoked fish on display in London

The study was conducted during May and June 2000. Primary data was derived from personal and telephone interviews with smoked fish importers and retailers in London, Environmental Health Officers at Heathrow and Gatwick airports and cargo clearing agents. Secondary data on smoked fish imports into the UK was also obtained.

Figure 3: Smoked sardinella (“herring”)

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