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I Terms of reference

Within the scope of the FAO/Government of Norway Cooperative Programme Interregional Project “International Cooperation with the Nansen Programme: Fisheries Management and Marine Environment” the autor will prepare a report as part of the activities sheduled to fulfill the anticipated programme output “An agreed mechanism for improved regional cooperation in the development and management of the small-pelagic fisheries (North-West Africa Region)”.

More specifically, under the overall direction of the fishery Resources Division and in close collaboration with the Development Law Service, the Marine Resources Service of FAO and the Norwegian Coordinating Unit for Development Projects in Fisheries Research and management, the author will collect, review, compare and analyse background material to prepare a report setting out the following findings:

1. Examples of international, regional and bilateral arrangements for the management of shared fish stocks;

2. Identified legal and institutional features, weaknesses and strengths of arrangements, and any other legal or institutional feature which may be pertinent to an effective implementation of such international, regional and bilateral arrangements;

3. identified and suggested possible options for cooperation in the management of shared stocks in NW Africa, in the light of the countries capacity and also of the sub-regional or regional arrangements in place.

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