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Preparation of this document

This report was prepared within the framework of the FAO Fisheries Department’s continued efforts contribute to poverty alleviation and hunger reduction in developing countries through aquaculture development. It seeks to analyse the reasons and factors, especially the role of public sector policies, which were behind aquaculture development in China. The aim is to make the Chinese experience available to other parts of the world, especially developing countries, for them to evaluate ways whereby they could benefit from this experience of sustainable and lucrative aquaculture practices.

The approach which was taken to achieve this goal consists of answering four questions, namely: why did aquaculture develop in China; what is the current level of aquaculture development in China; how was this development level achieved, and where is aquaculture heading in China. The study covered all China P.R., except Taiwan Province. Information used to write the report came mainly from existing documentation on the sector, observations from field visits by experts as well as the experts’ knowledge of the sector. Major players in the sector such as policy makers/government officials, farm managers/owners, domestic sellers of aquaculture products, processors of aquaculture products, exporters of aquaculture products and consumers also provided useful information to complete the study.

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