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6. Bibliography

Information reported in this document comes from the following existing documentation in the sector. It was not deemed necessary to repeat the references each time they appeared in the text.

Reference books

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Annex of main fishery law, regulation, instruction documents

  1. Agriculture Law of the People, Republic of China (July 2, 1993)

  2. Fishery Law of the People, Republic of China (July 1, 1986, revised on Oct.31, 2000)

  3. Implement rules on fishery law of the People, republic of China (Oct. 14, 1987)

  4. Environment Protection Law of the People, Republic of China (Dec. 16, 1989)

  5. Water Pollution Prevention Law of the People, Republic of China (May, 11, 1994, revised on May 15, 1996)

  6. Instruction on release restrictions, to expedite the development of aquatic product industry (Mar. 11, 1985)

  7. Implement regulation on protection of aquatic wild animal (1993)

  8. Directive notice on approval and implement the instruction of the Ministry of Agriculture to further expedite fishery sector (Jan. 27, 1997)

  9. Guiding instrument on adjusting structure of fishery sector(Dec. 29,1999)

Reference statistics books

China Fisheries Yearbook 2000, China Agriculture Press, 2001
China Agriculture Yearbook 2000, China Agriculture Press, 2001
China Agriculture Yearbook 1999 China Agriculture Press, 2000
China Agriculture Yearbook 1998 China Agriculture Press, 1999
China Agriculture Yearbook 1995 China Agriculture Press, 1996
China Agriculture Yearbook 1992 China Agriculture Press, 1993
China Agriculture Yearbook 1990 China Agriculture Press, 1991
China Agriculture Yearbook 1980 China Agriculture Press, 1981
Fish farming, China Agriculture Press, 2000
Agriculture cyclopaedia (fishery volume), China Agriculture Press, 1994
Business and Administration of fishery enterprises, China Agriculture Press, 2001
Journal of Dalian Fishery College, Volume 3, 2000
Collection book on fishery law and regulation, China Agriculture Press, 1999

Information also comes from observations from field visits by experts and contributions from major players in the sector, such as policy-makers/government officials, farm managers/owners, domestic sellers of aquaculture products, exporters of aquaculture products and consumers as well as team knowledge from the sector.

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