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Annex 3

Title of document


Bamboo and rattan: the resource, uses and overview of international trade in bamboo and rattan products

Maxim Lobovikov

Statistics on bamboo and rattan

Philip Wardle

Report on the establishment of database of statistics on trade in bamboo and rattan. ITTC (XXXIII)/11 8 August 2002

Philip Wardle

International classification - UNSD

Ralf Becker

The World Customs Organization

Aage Glemming

Bamboo and rattan in the HS

Aage Glemming

China Customs statistics

Jin Hongman

The EU trade statistics

European Commission - Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General

Product codes for bamboo and rattan, the Philippines Bureau of Customs

Florentino Ortega

The Harmonized System Commodity Database


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