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(Agenda item 4; Document CWP-20/4, CWP-19 Report Paragraphs identified)

7. The meeting reviewed progress concerning recommendations from CWP-19 and discussed the following key issues;

Trade Classifications (para 8) and the elimination of data discrepancies (para 9): Efforts have been made to develop a proposal for a more detailed fishery commodity classification for presentation to the World Customs Organization (WCO). Investigations of discrepancies among trade statistics compiled by Eurostat, FAO and OECD have taken place.

High Seas Vessel Authorization Record (paras 18, 150, 152): A database of vessels authorized to fish on the high seas containing 6443 records from 17 countries has been released by FAO under restricted access, including access to regional fishery bodies. Detailed proposals have been prepared to a) improve vessel identification and information exchange, b) provide topic trees for structuring and exchange of vessel records and c) for workflow scenarios.

FIGIS-FIRMS development (para 20): Extensive progress has been made in developing the FIRMS system and the FIRMS partnership framework, including that reported under agenda item 13 of CWP-20.

CWP Newsletter (para 108): Eurostat has continued to edit the Newsletter and it has been made available from the CWP website (

Intensification of elasmobranch reporting, species of special interest or non-target (paras 120, 121): There has been some recent improvement in reporting of elasmobranch catch statistics and new identification guides have been produced (see under agenda item 7 of CWP-20).

ISIC, ISSCFV, ISSCAAP and the ASFIS species list (paras 156, 159, 162, 165, 172, 173): The revisions to the ISSCAAP species classification recommended by CWP-19 have been implemented in the FAO databases, the ASFIS species list and publications. Further proposals were developed for revision of the ISSCFV fishing vessel classification, which will be considered by FAO.

Statistical methodologies distribution and FIGIS availability (para187): FAO has developed a template for recording methodological meta data for this purpose and it has been successfully tested with nine data sets. It is available on the web and FAO has requested that CWP agencies evaluate it in order that a standard with meta data definitions can be agreed.

Advocacy and quality of fisheries statistics (para 190): A study of possible future advocacy roles for the CWP in relation to statistical development was undertaken and was presented to the CWP in document CWP-20/5.

8. CWP noted that considerable progress had been made in follow-up to most of its recommendations from CWP-19.

9. Details of the follow-up to recommendations and other items requiring action from CWP-19 are fully described in Appendix 5.

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