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The authors would like to thank the following colleagues for their help extended in the preparation of this document, through discussions and comments on the draft:

Extension, Education and Communication Service (SDRE):
Ester Zulberti, William Seiders, Abdallah Gaaya, Jean-Pierre Ilboudo, Clare O'Farrell, Mario Acunzo

Research and Technology Development Service (SDRR):
Isabel Alvarez-Fernandez, Abubaker Maddur

SPFS Coordination and Monitoring Service (TCOS):

Abdul Kobakiwal, Yeb Hiemstra, Fintan Scanlan, Kevin Gallagher

Others in FAO:
Christine Holding-Anyonge (Forestry Conservation, Research and Education Service; FORC); John Rouse (Rural Institutions and Participation service; SDAR); L. Van Crowder, FAO Representative, Nicaragua; Daniel J. Gustafson, FAO Representative, India.

Outside FAO:
Gary Alex, USA; Fabio Santucci, Italy; Bruce Girard, Canada; Willem Beets, Netherlands

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