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81. The delegate of the EC referred to the Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Development of Fisheries in the Mediterranean that will be held in Venice in November 2003. It is expected that the Conference will provide political inputs allowing for the further development and implementation of policies and activities in the Mediterranean aimed at the sustainable utilization of fisheries resources. He highlighted some of the most important issues that the Ministers will consider and that should be addressed in the framework of a GFCM endowed with an autonomous budget, namely: IUU fishing; the establishment of an appropriate and efficient multilateral resource management system; and the development of a control scheme and the creation of fisheries protection zones on a regional and concerted basis.

82. The delegate from Malta, referring to ICCAT Recommendation [02-08] endorsed by GFCM at its Twenty-seventh Session, reiterated the statement laid down in paragraph 65 of the report of the last Session, indicating that Malta "...intended to maintain its historical bluefin tuna catching capacity and effort to guarantee Malta's share of the total allowable catch for bluefin tuna as in past years, and until further development on the matter within ICCAT".

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