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39. To reinforce the concepts and information presented in the Workshop concerning measures to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing and to encourage participants to interpret and apply these concepts, a problem-solving exercise was undertaken. The outline of the exercise is attached as Appendix F.

40. Participants were requested to work in small groups and to decide what initial steps were required to address the IUU fishing problems presented in the exercise. A summary of the findings of the small groups is presented below.

Chief Fisheries Officer

Representative from the Government Solicitor

Senior MCS Officer

President of the Fishers Association

Coordinator of the International MCS Network

Director of the Oceanic Fisheries Commission

41. The problem-solving exercise indicated that participants had grasped the essential elements of the IPOA-IUU and the initial actions required to address the IUU fishing problem outlined in the exercise. Participants identified the major issues quickly and worked enthusiastically to map out a course of action. An important outcome of the problem-solving exercise was the realization by participants that regional cooperation was indispensable in combating IUU fishing in such circumstances.

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