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Appendix IV



Utilization notes

Daemonorops angustifolia (Griff.) Mart.

Canes for low-quality furniture, for coring and binding

D. calicarpa (Griff.) Mart.

Leaves for thatching; outer part of rachis stripped for basketry

D. clemensiana Becc.

Canes for basketry and tying

D. crinita (Miq.) Bl.

Canes for coarse basketry and cordage

D. curranii Becc.

Canes for basketry and tying

D. didymophylla Becc.

Fruit yields red resin (dragon's blood); fruit sometimes eaten; canes used as split rattan

D. draco (Willd.) Bl.

Fruit yields red resin (dragon's blood)

D. elongata Bl.

Leaves for thatching

D. fissa (Miq.) Bl.

Canes for local low-quality furniture; cabbage eaten

D. grandis (Griff.) Mart.

Leaves for thatching; outer layer of petiole and rachis peeled and split for basketry; rachis for fishing rods

D. hystrix (Griff.) Mart.

Canes for furniture frames, but of low quality; ripe fruits eaten

D. ingens J. Dransf.

Fruit eaten; leaves for thatching

D. jenkinsiana (Griff.) Mart.

Important medium-large diameter cane in China; canes for basketry and weaving; seeds made into necklaces; fresh shoots eaten as vegetable

D. kurziana Becc.

Canes for furniture

D. lamprolepis Becc.

Canes for binding material

D. leptopus (Griff.) Mart.

Canes for basketry and tying; leaflets used locally as cigarette paper

D. longispatha Becc.

Cabbage eaten; canes for tying

D. melanochaetes Bl.

Cabbage eaten; cane core used for broom handles and coarse furniture

D. micracantha (Griff.) Becc.

Canes split for tying; fruit source of red resin (dragon's blood)

D. oblonga (Reinw. ex Bl.) Bl.

Canes for basket frames, brush handles and coarse weaving

D. ochrolepis Becc.

Canes for furniture, baskets, bags, etc. for home industries and local commercial use

D. periacantha Miq.

Canes split for sewing up fish traps; cabbage and fruit edible

D. propinqua Becc.

Fruits yield red resin (dragon's blood)

D. robusta Warb.

Canes used locally for furniture frames of moderate quality

D. rubra (Reinw. ex Bl.) Bl.

Fruits yield red resin (dragon's blood)

D. ruptilis Becc.

Fruits eaten

D. sabut Becc.

Canes split for basketry, mats and tying; fruits yield red resin (dragon's blood)

D. scapigera Becc.

Canes for walking sticks; fruits and cabbage eaten

D. sparsiflora Becc.

Canes for tying; shoots eaten

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