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13.1 State of NWFP statistics

Uruguay did not take part in the FAO Workshop on NWFP in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Santiago, Chile in 1994. Sources of data on NWFP are limited to FAO sources, making this assessment very incomplete. Only two product categories are reported in the accompanying table.


13.2 Non-wood goods and services

Uruguay is chiefly a country of grasslands, which may explain the paucity of information on non-wood forest products.

A total area of 30 593 ha is under protection in Uruguay, divided amongst eight protected areas, one of which is a national park (IUCN 1982).


13.3 Non-wood goods

There does not appear to have ever been any study of the value of NWFP in Uruguay.

This may reflect a situation where such products are deemed unimportant.


13.3.1 Honey

The production of 7 000 t of honey was reported for 1997. Some of this is derived from eucalyptus plantations (Pou, pers. com.).



13.4 References

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13.5 Resource Persons

Mario A. Abad, Francisco Arucho 1162/301, 11.300 Montevideo, Uruguay. Tel. 598 2 78 92 14.

Rosario Pou, EUFORES, S.A. Juan Carlos Gómez 1445/403, 11 000 Montevideo, Uruguay. Fax: 598 2 916 4176; E-mail:

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