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Regional strategy/suggestions for regional project

The preliminary suggestions for regional collaboration and regional activities focusing on gender-responsive ICTs for development and distance education for rural women and girls are presented in this section.

Gender-responsive ICTs for development

Distance education for rural women

The following resources should be developed within the region:


A consolidated publication of case studies will be prepared, to form an analytical work that will be distributed by global marketing agencies. For this purpose an editorial committee to review and edit the conference presentations before compilation has been constituted. In the meantime, these summary proceedings of the consultation shall be circulated widely among all stakeholders.

The proposed editorial review committee:

Mr V. Balaji, ICRISAT, Patancheru, India

Ms Eva Rathgerber, Joint Chair of Women’s Studies, Universitè d’Ottawa/Carleton University, Ottawa

Ms Uma Coomaraswamy, Vice Chancellor, Open University of Sri Lanka

Ms Usha Reddi, COL, New Delhi, India

Ms Nazneen Sultana, Managing Director, Grameen Communications, Bangladesh

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, FAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand

Editor: Ms Usha Raman, Hyderabad, India

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